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  1. Speak to Carol Nash, I have a 6 wheel policy and it's great value for money + the Europe wide breakdown cover included.
  2. My 1989 535 is still going strong on original exhaust and little or no rust.
  3. Edit DDT: For sale items in the for sale section please.
  4. Ebay Put in Yamaha Virago 535 exhaust. 20% off at the moment. Approx £170 inc postage.
  5. Has anyone fitted and used one of these,they certainly look good. Jets to be changed?
  6. Iv'e got a six wheel policy,car and bike with Carol Nash Fully comp with protected bonus and full breakdown cover for under £300.
  7. Are these still available or does anyone know anybody who makes them. Or,second hand stainless exhaust system.
  8. Did you try turning it over with the plugs out to smell if there was petrol. Or, try spray carb cleaner without totally dismantling them.
  9. Tried to pm you but it didn't work. If you are in Edinburgh i may be able to have a look. try to pm me.
  10. Take the plugs out and give it a good turn over. Can you smell any petrol? Plugs not firing under compression,try new ones. Maybe basic but who knows. My Virago sits most of the winter on trickle,but always fires up ok.
  11. The brackets you have would have fitted,i have the same ones on my Virago with panniers.
  12. Again Diaphrams. Suden loss of power,down to 60mpg flat out. No brainer.
  13. A bit late in posting,but i reckon the diaphrams in your carbs are knackered!
  14. Back in the day i new a guy who used Mazola in the primary chaincase of his Beeza. It worked,and he got the nickname Mazola. Simples!
  15. topcattcracing

    Virago 535

    Carb diaphrams need replaced?
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