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  1. £90 not bad, my contract is due upgrade soon so I shall have to think about that!
  2. I have a 3GS on 3 network with box etc how much are you looking to spend?
  3. Yeah I was just checking here on a current feed before starting a new topic
  4. Hi again, don't s'pose any of you would know anyone who has a generator for the model of my bike? Cheers
  5. The mobile speed camera always parks behind the signs to the entrance to lazy acre on the A605 :@
  6. When the day comes (rather soon after crimbo) to selling my dt how much should I be looking at getting for it (bottom price) so that I know how much I'm gonna need for the next Yamaha
  7. I have a dt50mx '83 reg and had it for a year now
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