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    current: Dt 125r, Suzuki/lt50(kids) Previous bikes: Kawasaki kx 125, Honda cr125 suzuki Rm 250, Gasgas fortuna 250, kymco ck125, ktm sx 65, kawasaki kmx 125, kawasaki ER5, THEY'RE JUST THE ONES WORTH MENTIONING.

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    Offroading, motox and Rock'n'roll
  1. thanks for advice, but sadly is still stuck! I've done the usual flathead screw driver trick but looks like the only way to get this out is extract it. As for the "hacksaw" idea, it's way to deep into the carb to even think about trying that one, I'm going to take the carb off today and see if my local shop will get it out for me without costing much Appreciate all the help
  2. thanks for the reply, i'm quite capable of doing the job i was just hoping i didn't have to buy an extractor kit.There's a shop near me that could possibly do it, i think i'll take the carb down on monday and see how much he will charge to do it and replace the screw.
  3. Hi all, just wondering if there is any tips around for getting a stubborn air screw out of a carb? The head has nothing left on it to grip and it's pretty small to get at, i was thinking maybe to buy an extractor kit but if there's a cheaper alternative i'd rather do that. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone Ha! yeah when running ...... What's that like again?
  5. Yeah as i first thought, i have just noticed that the air screw on the carb is turned right in and the head isn't on it for me to screw back out :'( Is that most likely the cause of my problem?? Either way i'll have a look see at the jets ect Thanks
  6. Hi, I've got the same issue irritating as hell! i'd love to be able to pop the front wheel off the ground, it just doesn't have the bottom end to do it
  7. Hi all, my names phil from darlington. Thought i would join as it's good to share some knowledge and help out never too late to learn something new i suppose! I've currently got a 2003 Dt 125r with a spark plug problem i have posted about if anyone would like to share some knowledge my way thanks
  8. Hi all, I have a really annoying (and expensive) problem, My bike keeps killing plugs, If i put a new plug in it will start first kick and run perfectly all day with no problems at all but as soon as i go to start it the following day it will start up, idle then as i put revs on it will bork then die (killing plug). The spark plugs are black when i take them out, Could this be caused by the air mix screw on the carb running too rich?? Any help will be much appreciated Thanks
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