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    Yamaha XJ600 Diversion <br />Honda CBF 125
  1. Churcher

    New project!

    Well it has been almost a year since I started this little post. I had to stop with the project, but it has started up again! I forgot what website I originally started the blog on, but I started blogging on an XJ forum http://xjrider.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4686 Just found my old post via Google and thought I would update it!
  2. Churcher

    New project!

    Started up the blog, will be posting little bits and bob on there as I get the bike up and running. Debating wether to get heated grips and hand guards to go with it. Also thinking about attempting to make a heated seat of sorts, possibly help keep the nads warm on the long rides 8-)
  3. Churcher

    New project!

    Cool, thanks foamy! Will jump on there tomorrow. I have been told they are reliable so looking forward to sorting it out! Will keep you all posted on my progress. Could you post the links to your blogs?
  4. Thank you for the welcome! Workin on it in my spare time, just posted what i have done with the bike so far! And I'm thinking of starting a blog about it all, what better place to start? no idea where to post it so put it in the bar!
  5. Churcher

    New project!

    Hey guys and gals! Just got a 1996 xj600s and I'm restoring it as a project. I was thinking of starting a blog about it all and posting what I was doing and how to sort through and clean it up etc. it's a non runner at the moment. Starts and runs on idle and choke, but will cut out as soon as you touch the accelorator. First though, problem in fuel pump/ carbs taken all this off and found a small hole in one of the diaphragms in the carb! Hoping this is the problem, anyway. Ordered a second hand set of carburetors and awaiting them to arrive. Checked fuel pump and fuel lines all running smooth
  6. Hi all just introducing myself, names Ross, currently riding a CBF 125 whilst getting my new divi on the road! Hopefully have it running by the end of the month See you on the road!
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