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  1. The night after Perth is Kilnlockewe John it’ll be great to see you
  2. Used mine every I’ve time I’ve been out so far this year nice n toastie
  3. Rather you than me mate can’t think of anything worse for riding in. I like all my toes too much
  4. That’ll be fj1200 not fjr which is different as is water cooled will also fit xjr1200
  5. I prefer the TX compared with the styling of the later XS500 the early ones do have a reputation for problems with exhaust valves and cracking cylinders. with this one being an early model and done so few miles it is a bit of a gamble but then what isn’t, if the price is right and you really want it, go for it you’ll probably regret not buying it more than the fun you’ll have fixing it
  6. Bet they didn’t have to worry about fuel stops though,probably done it on one tank
  7. One of the lads is coming up from Bristol on a Triumph Thruxton mind it done him proud in Spain last year You’d love the roads once there though blackies done nc500 on 2strokers a few time I think although he is already there
  8. Carful John he’ll want you to erect it
  9. You’ll be taken care don’t worry about that
  10. Looking forward to this, I’ve been wanting to do it for as long as I can remember, it would be great if we could meet up with Blackhat & Jimmy at some point on our travels Drewpy is coming with me to Oban now, originally he was heading back to Perth last day but now we’ll be in Oban from Thursday 12th till Saturday 14th if anyone fancies meeting up let us know
  11. Will be great to c u Jimmy, seems to have been bit of confusion with the dates (I blame Drewpy) apparently it’s the 8th & 9th so I take it it’s same as squires arrive fri eve head home Sunday late morning obviously some will arrive sat and just do one night or even a day visit if you’re close enough You could win the furthest traveled Jim must be around 350 miles ? It’ll be between you & blackie anyway
  12. We start out on 7th July and head home on the 14th
  13. Money sent Finn, for me & Drew and before you ask no I’m not paying for anyone else, I owed Drew money for a ferry on this years Scotland trip
  14. Probably be all booked up that week anyway
  15. DE4 2EQ don’t know what you need it for Kev, you’ll be doing same as me and just follow Drewps oh and by answering your Question I’m in know admitting to being a dickhead , I leave that to other people’s judgment ok I’m opening myself up to abuse here maybe I just shouldn’t have answered the question feck
  16. Finners don't go paying anything you haven't had the money for mate. I don't mind paying in advance its not the end of the world (£10) if for some reason I can't make it, just pm me your email you use for PayPal and I'll ping it over when your ready. and I second Slicey well done for sorting it, will get you a pint mate when we arrive
  17. Ha ha yes, the guy who can’t even to be arsed with a screen name
  18. Sure I read somewhere that Kev & Slice were getting a room, that'll be a real eye opener Slicey
  19. Nice find Finn, get some Pricer's up and what you need for deposit and those interested can ping it over on paypal That should give you a good idea of numbers
  20. Yep Finn works fine on my phone just my tablet struggling under the weight of all that porn I meant bike porn obviously
  21. I'll give it another go later on my phone thanks finn
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