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  1. Hi all, I bought an xv250 recently and installed heated grips about a week ago. Yesterday when I got to work and switched the ignition off with the key the engine kept running, even with the key out. It turned off with the killswitch but the lights were still on. I turned them off at the switch too and left it figuring that I'd look into it when I got home but unfortunately something was still draining the battery. I disconnected the grips and got help jump starting it and made it home but the thing still kept running without a key even in the same state that i bought it in. when I got in and the neutral light was still on with all the lights switched off. Anyone know of any reason the ignition is not switching everything off? The grips were wired into the rear light live wire (blue) and earthed to the negative side of the battery. They were fine for the first 6 days of use. I'd like to sort the ignition or whatever it could be before spending money on he very dead battery
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