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  1. Lovely looking bike. I was considering one out here in Thailand as they are very popular here but did a road trip to visit a mate and ended up with his sick Virago 535, one of those unplanned life events lol. Nice workmanship Sandman.
  2. DAMP = Dockyard assisted maintenance period we were in for 4 weeks at a time on the Bulwark, then had a cracked propellor on the second trip and had 3 weeks in Gib, drydock and all that malarkey. I was lurked for Shore Patrol 3 times down the gut, that was sporty.
  3. You're right Mike I did 2 DAMPS on the Rusty 'B' and the last visit on Ark Royal 4, there were many cultural visits to Straight Street among other more invigorating pastimes. Great place and terrific memories. Enjoy your project Etienne, managed to get my Virago XV535 started so have been able to get the bike registered. The starter clutch roller retaining plate had disintegrated. There is a rumble from the crankshaft bearings, the mechanic is opening up the engine on Monday to look at the problem.
  4. Hi Tinu good luck with your project, I love your Island visited for extended periods of time with the Royal Navy.
  5. Name: Yamaha Virago XV 535 (1996) Date Added: 28 October 2012 - 07:37 PM Owner: aitch52 Short Description: In good condition, it has a starting problem which I think is the starter clutch. My Honda Phantom 200 thumper has been commandeered by my girlfriend and we plan to do some touring together. View Vehicle
  6. Way Aye man welcome to the club from another newby and EVERTON supporter lol
  7. G'day lib Can't help you out with a website right now but have a look at the pannier spacers on my bike, and yes this model you do have to move the indicators, but it is not a big deal. You just have to add some extra cable. The bike is being delivered on Tuesday and I'll ask my mate where he got them from.
  8. A nice friendly welcome thanks, looking forward to putting some miles on the bike.
  9. I have similar symptoms on the the non starting bike I have just bought from a mate. It is being delivered on Tuesday and until I get the cover off to diagnose the fault I just don't know, could be the clutch, clutch rollers and springs or the idler and starter gear not meshing correctly. The bike turns over a couple of time and then clunk as the compression builds up. If the plugs are removed it turns over fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsmCj5fwMvM&feature=relmfu try this if you have the 535, other models have a starter bendix
  10. G'day Werxa I've just bought a non starting Virago 535 from my mate out here in Thailand, having done some research it seems it is a well known problem with the bike. My symptoms are the motor turns over a couple of times and then stops. So it could be a number of things, the starter clutch, the rollers and springs or the idler gearing. It is fitted with a new battery already. Found this on the web the other day. It is an answer to a query to the video he posted. Basically he ran a heavy duty braided strap from starter mounting point to the casing, and then one from the other side of
  11. Just introducing myself, I have just bought a Virago XV 535 here in Thailand from my mate. It has starter problems but by the the by. Looking forward to riding it. Chris Aitch
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