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  1. Hello there. I have my top end - 90kmph, is that green/black wire disabling going to make better top end? Because acceleration till 90kmph is pretty good.
  2. Hello there, as the season is going to start pretty soon, so i was doing test rides with my Yamaha DT125x, but... The 1st till 5th gear is really responsible - they are going well in full thortle, but when i put in 6th gear (im at 80km/h) there is no power at all in 6th gear, if I really try i can reach 90km/h, but no further. I managed to expermented with carb, but no success at all in top speed, just some pluses at acceleration, thats all. I think i am disabled limitator (the black/ green wire), and framed it - it is not helping. Any sugestions? And is there need a screw at this side of carb?
  3. oh thanks for answer and tips ...
  4. So, i bought this one - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-DT125R-DT125RE-DT125X-DT-125-MITAKA-STD-PISTON-KIT-MADE-IN-JAPAN-/231067701699?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item35ccb551c3 Where should i put that what is in middle in ring on left side? Inside of upper ring or insede of down ring?
  5. http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/yamaha/dt_125_r/98-00/picture/piston_kit_0.00_standard/ found this ... - is it good?
  6. Amn - those "mitaka" pistons will not break in angry driving way (that is really often almost full throttle)? Cuz this is last year on bike for now, so want to spend it driving not repairing ... I heard about DID ... will searc for them
  7. Hello dear riders in this hot, sunny day. So, today I managed to cheange front fork oil seals and tomorow will go to tehnical looking (for that peace of paper for legal riding). I got few questions about my bike. So, my piston is, i think it, it is daed, by that i mean my bikes preformance is terrible - max speed ~90km/h in full throttle, no acceleration (front wheel is not go to air), and other stuff ... What piston kit should i choose? Repair ones (56mm+) or orginal (56mm), because, as i have heard repair (bigger) ones are dead sooner than orginal ones. Are repair ones and oversized cylinder are going to make my bike preformance grow? Where to buy cheap (not china), quallity piston kit (quality like orginals, but from aftermarket)? Please shops from Europe with postage to Latvia . Where to buy both stars(gear) (rear disc + engine) and chain for democratic price? Again on EU. For now, its all. Later, I prehaps, will be more questions. P.s. After you will fully enjoy this beautiful day by your bikes, please help one of bikers. Without that experience, what you have
  8. okey ... so in pics you will se that there are "in one place is like out of its place, gibbous out (pulled out of its place) like deformed and in other place" and in other flywheel (inside) are full of cavities and protrusions, and i think thats not normal, it should be straight ... but thats only my gues ... P.s. Thats normal that it is heating up? Pics -
  9. My mate sad that, than that is normal - from heat in flywheel it is making electric. Is that right?
  10. So, i took out all with is pulled with electro starter, that is both gears from behind of flywheel, BUT. The Flywheel case is still heating up. That was not the problem. Is it normal that it heats up (i dont remember)? Please answer, Im afraid of spending money on it again. P.s. The flywheel (that thin magnetic metal inside of flywheel) in one place is like out of its place, gibbous out (pulled out of its place) like deformed and in other place is little dimple in that thin metal... Is thats a problem, and it is heating up because these defects???? P.s.s. Why noone is answering to my questions after my topic about kickstarter or starter ???
  11. Hello, so i put all in and get a ride, what i noticed than from flywheel case is coming strage noises. So i thing it is heatting up because that big gear (for Electronic start) behind flywheel is spinning for no reason, and as we all know metal aginst metal is rising heat. So how i can make it stop spinning? Or should i take it out of there, since my Electronic starter is not in use (because of breakdown) and i will now in these days get kick leaver and use kick start...
  12. Okey, now i filled cooling water in radiator it self (left side of fuel tank), and seems it helped, indicator is not warning me, but ... Flywheel side is heating up to ~80 degrees of C, and clutch side ~40 degrees. Is that normal for flywheel or i have inserted it wrong so it is heating up so fast? Tomorow, after it will be cold, I check if it needs more liquid. Any ideas or it is normal?
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