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  1. Inside every old man there is a young man trying to get out! Happy Birthday.
  2. mailee

    Saddle sore

    I did 320 miles in one day on the Virago last year and have to say it was very comfortable. I now have a Hornet but wouldn't like to do that sort of mileage on it though.
  3. Went to Willingham woods yesterday and then a ride out to Tattershall today. Lots of bikes out thought my head would fall off from nodding. Weather improved later in the afternoon today but it was a cold ride out.
  4. mailee


    Well! Doesn't she look a cocky bu**er.
  5. mailee

    Shed and Buried

    I did like the Ewan and Charlie thing. At least they travelled like 'real' bikers on dirt roads, camping out, and taking the rough. I think if Henry did that it would kill him! he nearly always rides on tarmac roads, stays in top quality hotels and takes his bike into a garage at the merest hint of trouble, what a wuss! He even ran out of fuel on a Harley while doing route 66! I am afraid if he was riding with me he would find himself in a ditch somewhere.
  6. mailee

    Shed and Buried

    So! you are the two that like Henry Cole! everyone I have spoken to hates him. I have to admit I can only watch him for a few minutes and then have to change channel. Man, that man can whinge for England!
  7. HOLY SH*T! what was he riding...a rocket?!
  8. Hee, hee. That's the Elf, where's the safety.
  9. WOW! That is truly fantastic. Is it running on compressed air?
  10. WTF! I thought it was a trailer for a new Toy story movie!
  11. OOer! He's not from Royston Vasey is he?
  12. I think it is mainly down to the fact that a 17 YO can only ride a 125 anyway so it's must be a waste of money to take a test when you can just keep doing a CBT after two years. They will probably wait until they can take the full test and get a bigger bike.
  13. Ooh, yes, I like that. Are there many about and are they any good? i am thinking of another bike, that could just be the one. Hmmm
  14. Afraid I'm gonna be different here. I like the look of the XVS1900 and think the Victory's are Fugly! I hate those headlamps!
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