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  1. its defo a fz600 pictures of the bike look very good... he is going to pick it up tomorrow and fetch it home, ill try get some good pictures off him and see if i can have a look at it in person - now i got to see if i can find the £!!! if its as good as it looks and sounds ill be trying my best to get my hands on it...
  2. the bike is in immaculate condition, no mods all original apart from tyres never seen a wet road and always dry stored under a sheet... i dont know i think it could be worth a punt myself like! ken
  3. a work friend of mine has a full fairing yam fz1989 with less than 8k dry miles, seen pictures of it and its totaly original and has been dry stored since 1995 covered in a sheet in a lockup on a farm. now the person who runs the farm has sold up he has no space for the bike so its been offered to me for £1k... does anyone know anything about these bikes? are they good? £1k a good investment? he has told me it needs a new battery and a good service. been sorn since 1995 i cant even belive he kept it for so long and the condidtion is immaculate. any advice welocme cheers ken
  4. sounds to me like there might be something between the pads and disk... we had a little bit dirt between the pads and disk on front of our company car and it made such a high pitched screaching sound - off with the wheel and in with the jet wash lol! problem solved what happens to the noise under heavy braking? you might get away with pumping the front brake a few times get them pads bedded in. just an idea ken
  5. diy all the way but know your limits sometimes its better to take a knowlegable friend out for a couple of pints "on you" when you are stuck and ask the questions about what ever your doing get all the information you need and with any luck you might get a helping hand - works on everyone apart from my old man cos he is a lazy old tw4t... got a lot of biker mates and one of them used to race 2 smokers so first thing i done when i got my dt was take it up to him and he advised me on tuning also offered to help me do the topened rebuild as i built him a custom pc a bit ago.
  6. makesure you block him so you dont have to trade with him again! unfortunatly there is about 2% of ebay being complete and utter tossa's we had a snotty woman complain about the smell of smoke on a top she won for £1 - trouble is no one in our house smokes and the itme was brand new
  7. ive found some on fleebay for £30... cheers for the offer though ken
  8. you wanna look at some higher tack tape and once applied rub the top of the tape with a cloth adding preasure! thats how i done my wheels until i found someone to do them for me in a proper spray shop ken
  9. ive never eventried this i was under the impression it was frowned upon? when stuck in traffic on the way back from work in the mini bus i often see bikers filtering and thinking "you lucky git" so is it perfectly legal? or is it a case of if the traffic is at a stand still its ok? cheers ken
  10. hey people! just a quick couple of questions, anyone know the original size for front and rear sprockets? also the pitch for chain? curious as i would like to go an extra tooth on front sprocket for more comfy 60mph at the moment my bike does about 100kph and screems its nipples off neer the redline so im thinking front sprocket has been dropped a tooth from stock!! i cant find my yamaha manual or anything online as most say 15t, 16t and 17t front but i think 16t is stock sprocket for mine. would like to just check maksure previous owner hasnt messed on with both sprockets sizes, dont have a clue whats on there now as its cold and dark when i start and finnish work but i will be having closer inspection on weekend hopefully. cheers ken
  11. just out of curiosity what sprocket size did you go to? because im having to give mine alot of revs and feather the clutch!! gonna have a look at min this weekend whan i get my led indicators on and my winter tyres cheers ken
  12. Good stuff! I'm after some original graphics for my 2003 dt125 as mine are worn and scratched up
  13. defo a nice bike but them graphics are wank im afraid would rather have none and i think it would look the better after pulling them off i do drink monster energy drink but no stickers for me....
  14. get the exhaust off as previously said get a torch and shine into port while getting someone to turn ignition on and off see how power valve reacts and at what point it stops at. most 125 2 strokes dont have hardly any bottom end power, i have to give mine lots of beans to pull away quick but im under the impression that most 2 strokes are like this... i dont get decent power until about 5000-6000rpm then power band hits roughly 7000rpm up to the line, if i dont give her enough beans on pulling away she struggles then in with clutch twist of throttle then out with clutch and she is trying to get on her back wheel. dt's are like undertuned mx bikes but are so reliable especially for 2t's - it wont pull your arms off ken
  15. mitaka and Wiseco are the two i have seen but you know how it is when you look on fleebay you get the good and the not so good all together so thought i'd ask on here so i can wein out the crap!! thanx for your help lads appreciate it! didnt want to rebuild it myself but the way things are going with cash i cant afford to pay anyone at the min... im looking at the honda vfr400's on ebay aswell got me thinking of going in for next level bike test ive always had a thing for the nsr's jc20's and vfr's. cheers ken
  16. good evening people!! just ordered a few parts for my bike... LED indicators-new handle bars-catspaw tyres and the last few parts i need are for my topened rebuild now there are kits on ebay but im after a decent piston not cheap crap. as far as i know my cylinder is standard bore but ill double check once i crack it open, if i could just ask what makes are decent and which ones to swerve! i dont have experience with rebuilding 2strokes but im gonna give it a go once i get some spare time cheers ken
  17. whats the crack there like? beer tents and all that?? used to go to biker bashes with the old man when i was younger on his jota was absolute mental-got myself in a state at the farm yard bash when someone brought home made wine in 2x 5 gallon demijohns on there trike along with a bag of wizz.... oh was i bad didnt know if i wanted to barf or go for a run lol!!! this is something i am interested in but might have to leave it for a bit with my daughter being so young (2 months)... hope you all have fun though
  18. would love to go to something like this! maybe one time ill get the balls to go further than the shops on my bike
  19. ah crap i just bought a HID xenon kit for my dtr for about £80 i had no idea about the dazzle effect under dipped beam... absolutely gutted! xenon bulb it is then..........
  20. Nah mate, sometimes it's just really cold in my little Tin shed so it takes like 4 kicks to get her going with choke on! Can't rev her until she is warmed cos I just get a bogging sound and it cuts out! Summer time I can fire it up using my hand first push without choke!!! Was frosty as hell this morning so took a few kicks and 10 mind with choke on. Ken
  21. im just a fussy git pal but i can handle it ive been trying to cope with it for 30yrs, my need for changing engine oil is to make up for the fact that i am ugly as sin. sorry i have become increasingly intoxicated! ken
  22. i change the brake fluid once a year, coolant once a year, underpants once a year and going for the oil twice a year pads i would change once there 80-90% used.... to be fair each to there own but thats how i roll ken
  23. well its just a theory... im sorry hypothermia pha i do angel shapes in the snow naked face down cos i was born a geordie bitches ken
  24. just got avons on at the min and there worn down alot and hopefully gonna get into the green lane riding soonish selling all my hydrophonics gear on ebay to get my bike ready ken
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