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  1. honestly i would rarther use my own piss i hate the smell of vinegar, i love it on me chips just a little but if its to overpowering i cant stand it ken
  2. It's all good information lads Cheers Ken
  3. Really? Sounds interesting, al have a go at that pal Cheers Ken
  4. cheers for that bit info pal, i'll buy what is recomended not vinegar because to be honest i hate the smell of it lol cheers ken
  5. cheers for that pal, yes i do belive its surface rust as i rub my finger over it some of it just rubs off but obviously there is stuff thats a little more stuborn!!! could i do this with t-cut? i hate letting things get this bad i mean i paid £1400 for it not that long ago and it looks a shadow of its former self but with young baby in the house i dont have the time, all my bikes before this i knew inside out and i kept clean as a whistle stripping engines in the kitchen cleaning everything with a toothbrush and greasing up man it was as if i had ocd i feel like im doing her harm lol i will buy some acf-50 and start treating her right cheers ken
  6. again ive left my dtr in a dirty unwashed state for a while now just using as a daily work bike now i finnished work the other day and decided to take her to the garage and jet wash it. all was looking good until i noticed the muck on the wheels had been washed off and replaced with rust!!!! hello im looking at selling the bike sometime this year so i would like to keep her tidy, im going to replace all the cosmetic bolts that you can see holding the fairings and also new original decals... all i want to know is how the hell do i get the rust off the chrome? i have a dremel but no attachments and i wouldnt know what to look for to do the job!! any info advice appreciated!! cheers ken
  7. you will be taxed for farting soon........ i wouldnt be suprised if they legalise cannabis so they can tax that aswell
  8. By side lights I think he means the small bulb in headlight next to main bulb!!
  9. yeh i have one of them wrap around face warmers also... ill have to get to bike shop and have a proper look at them, sick of buying off interenet without trying things on etc ken
  10. is the controls for the lights on the same as the electric start button? have you tried starting with no bulbs in? then select high beam see if its the controls ken
  11. can you tell me what its like in cold mornings with the visor, does it steam up bad? i know you can flip it up a little but its damn cold at 5.30am lol ken
  12. ive never cleaned my dt since i bought it, went down to the local garage to use there jet wash and there was a que of 6 cars...... ill give it another go next weekend lol
  13. they will just say something like "we have taken aboard your suggestions but we would need to test out all our clothing and we dont have the time/employee's so therfore we rely on our customers feedback" you know the kind of shit they pull.... how about something like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Grangers-Fabsil-Waterproofing-Spray-600ml/dp/B0017RKDF2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359309494&sr=8-1 ken
  14. hmmm... wonder if thats why mine is doing it now???? ill be trying this also cheers
  15. Sounds like a air intake problem try cleaning and oiling the air filter! Mine in the hot weather was doing as you said so I drilled 4 holes the size of 5p coin in the top of air box cured problem instantly, now with the cold temperature she drawing too much cold air so ill have to cover up the holes!!!! Ken
  16. Good job!!! I don't think they fetch much cash really but photos would be good to get an idea of condition Cheers Ken
  17. I do believe that these manufacturers should state clearly if they are water proof or splash proof... Maybe like a grading system of how long they would stay waterproof 1hr 2hr etc etc but they wouldn't do that would they there happy for us to buy there shit to bin it for another.... Ken
  18. All I got is regatta water proof over trousers and a mac in the sac for when it rains lol, there small and fit in there own little bags then I have some cheap asse armoured trousers and jacket that offer no water proof values but are warm (I think most jackets that offer full waterproof protection don't keep the water out for very long) If it rains I gotta pull over and get my water proofs out so I'm also interested in seeing if anyone has found a waterproof setup Ken
  19. there fuckin parasites!!!! we all know people who this has happened to we all have storys we could tell pal but i am sorry for you especialy with no insurance coverage that sucks ken
  20. shocking..... you know i know people who do this kinda shit i got locked out of my house once and one of these retards who is a friend of a friend got into my house via an upsairs window without causing any damage.... i was so fucking shocked how easy it can be done he went for the upstairs window to show his skills off! i hope they get caught but chances are slim my firend ken
  21. good job... you know you could bin that reflecter for a smaller one? you can even buy a circular one and put it on the bottom corner of your number plate!! ken
  22. yeh pal anything to get that gunk out.... i would still leave it in a small amount of white spirits or petrol hoepfully that will give it a good clean ken
  23. clean your jets me i normally split the carb up pull all the jets out then put the whole carb in a tub covering with petrol and use a tooth brush to clean every inch then once ive finished i blast with the carb cleaner/compressed air hold the jets up to the sun and look through make sure the hole is there and nothing clogging it up. make sure you blast some cleaner/air into all the places where the jets sit ken
  24. ive got the carbon reeds in mine also fully de-restricted but the person who i bought it off de-restricted the bike and jetted her up she runs perfect (light brown on the plug) but he never removed the reed restrictor on the clocks so it wouldnt go to its full potential... i only knew about the reed in the clocks because of this forum, ive gained alot of knowledge and also done the topend with the help off YOC members... ive been toying with the athena bore kit for mine to give her a little extra help as its full of hills around here but im happy at the moment, once i get these AC10's on her ill be off getting manky and falling off ken
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