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  1. I see what you mean, the thinnest part of the exhaust system!! Ill be pulling the whole dep system off and having a good look at it. Cheers for all the suggestions lads appreciate it Ken
  2. Nah pal everything runs fine I'm just wondering if the battery is putting out its wattage, I haven't got anything to test it!! Grrrrr I hate all this messing on shit Ken
  3. Can a poor battery cause problems also?
  4. Looked at the coolant other day seems fine also the level is as it was when I flushed the old stuff out!! Temperature stays the same about 1/4 of temp bar.... Ill do a compression check and I've also bought the exhaust stuff and a rivet gun so ill do it anyway-might get the expansion chamber de-coked. Ken
  5. sorry forgot to mention its just had a full topend rebuild about 300 miles ago,i do have the tools to check the compression so ill give that a go also cheers ken
  6. hmmmm stator i havent checked that... yeh powervalve is aligned and servo works as it should! i have already bought the sheet stuff as i thought it would be easyer to do only cost £8- ken
  7. hey people.. ive noticed on my last 2 outings on my trusty steed that she doesnt seem as healthy as she was, im going to try explain whats happening and what ive done... well going through the revs i can get her up to 9,000rpm but she starts to run out of guts i mean if i get her into 4th on the flat there doesnt feel any kinda pull no feel to go up to the next gear but if you do the revs drop off and i have to shift down again. i am missing the feel of the powerband its just a steady rise in rpm i was getting max 45mph - 50mph (hard pushing) on a 60mph road wich was a little frustrating knowing i have been along the road before 60mph no problem with more in the bank!! ive noticed the tone of exhaust has completely changed to a low down noise and its actually uncomftable on my ears. now what i have done so far----\/ new plug-cleaned and oiled air filter-drained carb-checked powervalve ive been at a loss until a friend of mine has suggested the end can could need repacking?? are any of the above symptoms that of a simple repacking needed to my little dep silencer??? cheers ken p/s if it is indeed the silencer how easy is it to repack?
  8. yeh man i just wanna know because im nosey lol!!! none of the enduro style bikes are really made for top speed, i just wanna know if these little 250's can pull to 60mph up a hill with 16 stonne on there back ken
  9. what does she top out at>? also is it underpowered to a point where you have to drop a gear mid hill climb? cheers ken
  10. very tidy bike!! i was looking at the wr250 along wth the honda crf250 ken
  11. you need to forward all emails to ebay and also screen shot the paypal screen that shows money sent - might not get your cash back but it could cause ebay to close his account... once you have done this contact him telling him you are not going to take it lyinh done and you have informed ebay with a copy of all comunication and also if you dont get the desired results you will contact the police as its fraud ken
  12. kenDAWG


    My last pitbike was a demon x d'link 160 bought a TB parts top end with v2 race head and bigger carb took it to 24hp 180cc with full scorpion exhaust Rapid bike but there chinese and build quality is very poor although all in all my d'link cost me £2k+ when is sold it I got £700. Look on YouTube under my account "funkysnair" you will see a video of the bike ticking over when I had it forsale. I say stay away from them buy a klx110 or a genuine Honda crf70-same engine mounts as a pitbike so you could throw in a zongshen 155ho engine for more hp Ken
  13. Have you messed on with the float level?? Sounds like you're carb is over flowing do to the float pin (can't remember its real name) its got the rubber tip hasn't closed due to the float not pushing it up!! Check make sure float isn't jammed up and there isn't anything stopping the rubber tip pin from closing the inlet hole!! There is prob a better way of explaining this but I'm on my phone and off to kip Cheers Ken
  14. Keep on going? You havin a laugh??? I've owned 3 I have friends who own them!!!! Guess how many of them are on the road? 5 bikes out on Sunday, 2 Japanese yamaha's 1 Canadian can-am 2 chinese bikes-guess which ones left on a trailer??? Yep the 2 chinky bikes after 2 hrs leas than 1 year old not to mention the 2 quadzillas that where supposed to turn up "currently parked up" 1 needs a new engine and the other needs the rear end sorting some kinda welding needed and lights. I would trust my money in an aprilia over any chinese copy rubbish-why copy??? If there more reliable than aprilia why don't they make 33hp 2 strokes? Just my little rant because mugins here had to sort the 2 chinese bikes put yesterday rather than riding my dt-they have been told, bring the chinese shit again bring your own tools and a trailer cos I'm busy riding a well made bike Ken
  15. like grouch syas introduce yourself first... have a look at the magneto see what condition it is in, if water is getting in there you will find signs of corrosion could just need a good clean up/light dust with sand paper and some instant gasket around the cover. you will never know until you crack the case off ken
  16. can also be linked to air lock in the liquid coolant especially after a rebuild, squeezing the tubing whilst the engine is running after 10 mins sometimes can get rid of airlock, i had airlock in mine so i ran her with no cap on radiator and proceeded to squeez all hosing and vwala bubbles and coolant level dropped topped up problem solved ken
  17. honestly i would rarther use my own piss i hate the smell of vinegar, i love it on me chips just a little but if its to overpowering i cant stand it ken
  18. It's all good information lads Cheers Ken
  19. Really? Sounds interesting, al have a go at that pal Cheers Ken
  20. cheers for that bit info pal, i'll buy what is recomended not vinegar because to be honest i hate the smell of it lol cheers ken
  21. cheers for that pal, yes i do belive its surface rust as i rub my finger over it some of it just rubs off but obviously there is stuff thats a little more stuborn!!! could i do this with t-cut? i hate letting things get this bad i mean i paid £1400 for it not that long ago and it looks a shadow of its former self but with young baby in the house i dont have the time, all my bikes before this i knew inside out and i kept clean as a whistle stripping engines in the kitchen cleaning everything with a toothbrush and greasing up man it was as if i had ocd i feel like im doing her harm lol i will buy some acf-50 and start treating her right cheers ken
  22. again ive left my dtr in a dirty unwashed state for a while now just using as a daily work bike now i finnished work the other day and decided to take her to the garage and jet wash it. all was looking good until i noticed the muck on the wheels had been washed off and replaced with rust!!!! hello im looking at selling the bike sometime this year so i would like to keep her tidy, im going to replace all the cosmetic bolts that you can see holding the fairings and also new original decals... all i want to know is how the hell do i get the rust off the chrome? i have a dremel but no attachments and i wouldnt know what to look for to do the job!! any info advice appreciated!! cheers ken
  23. you will be taxed for farting soon........ i wouldnt be suprised if they legalise cannabis so they can tax that aswell
  24. By side lights I think he means the small bulb in headlight next to main bulb!!
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