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  1. Welcome! Yes you are not the average member here and I'm interested In you little mission but I wanna know What makes you think when you find it that the owner wants to sell it? Ken
  2. Urgh I get it all pulled back apart set the carb back then turn the key power valve cleaning cycle going slow and laboured! Battery has decided its time for retirement, so I'm guessing when I changed the carb settings before and tried to start it the battery was at fault and not the settings. So put the clip down one again and ordered a new gel battery so ill find out how it goes in a couple of days. Grrrrrr pisses me off Ken
  3. I agree car dealers are dodgy bastards I hope bike dealers don't end up like them but to be fair I will always by my bike's from private sellers unless a friend can recommend/or knows person running the shop. As for back tracking on the warranty it prob has more to do with the fact that Suzuki are feeling the pinch and need to cut back on some costs Ken
  4. Now it won't fire up... All I get it is a sound "tin tin blurgh"..... Choke on/off - little/no throttle - air box blocked up a little dam it I've drained through petrol to see if carb is filling up and yes it is. Think ill have to put the clip back to normal then try air screw Which way will richen mixture a little? Cheers Ken
  5. Yes There is 2 hoses comes from the top of the head weird isn't it? Fingers crossed its just a slight adjustment needed otherwise Someone else can do it for me Ken
  6. Turning the carb to the side was a no go!!! Coolant inlet/outlet too short then there is that bottle ontop of the inlet needless to say everything else seems to go past either side of the carb and the fact the rubber from air box to carb has now decided to come out I have to strip the bike down a bit I managed to get to it but its too tight to put it all bak together. I got the slide out and the needle clip was right on the top notch so I've dropped it one, once I get better access to the carb ill get it put back together Cheers for the help Ken
  7. That is a good point lol-----/\ I would have had her in bits by now. Will there be damage caused if this diagnosis is wrong? Ill order a new spark plug and do a chop also Cheers Ken
  8. Yeh that's the thing it isn't a 2 min job, I should have some spare time Sunday so ill get on it like a car bonnet! I'm going for the clip to richen it, I've just sprayed up the exhaust and put her on no leaks ill just check the intak.... Normally a squirt of compressed air around the area can indicate air leak while engine is running. What a chew on Cheers for the help pal Ken
  9. kenDAWG

    getting a 2T

    Is that the style of bike your thinking of changing too? I couldn't get away with the position on my nsr 125 I found it horrible. Have a look at the dtr's they have a bit poke and hold there value well I wanted one of them cagiva supercity 125's its like a supermoto uses same engine as Mito but someone mentioned the 7speed box isn't as reliable Ken
  10. Some of the info I picked up "On a 2-stroke - Riding in 3rd gear, with a warm engine and the throttle BARELY cracked open, roll the throttle to 1/2. If the bike sputters and crackles, and you feel like you have to keep rolling on the throttle to smooth it out, the needle is too rich. If, on the otherhand, you get the dreaded 'buhhhhhhwaaaaa', the needle is too lean" I for one am not confident enough to mess with jets and I haven't got the time with the bairn teething I only have limited time and I fill that with checking oils and cleaning her! Could be a trip to westgate road for me there is a garage there who specialise in 2 smokers says he will tune the carb for £35 Ken
  11. It's just the information I have been picking up of the Internet! My air box has been butchered by previous owner as well-rather than a slot in the top where the snorkel goes the top has been opened up! Don't know where to bloody start! Ken
  12. Just been out on it there! 3rd gear doing about 30mph I roll the throttle 1/2 turn and and just bogs and starts juddering off the throttle than give her a little turn of the throttle increasing slowly no problems... I'm sure its running lean I really can't be arsed with this crap. Before I done the topend there was a rattle that's why I freshened her up, small end bairings where on there way out the rest was fine checked the bore etc and it still had cross hatching and no marks what so ever but I changed them any way! Ken
  13. So ill have to get the carb off it again, its a bloody nightmare Cheers Ken
  14. Well after the breaking in period of my top end rebuild my little dtr isn't running like it was... I'll try to explain as best I can. Bike pulls away perfect up to and beyond powerband 1st,2nd however I notice in 3rd its not revving up to the line a little hesitant then 4th is the same I can't open full throttle as I get a "burrrrrrwaaaahhhhhhh" like its wanting air drop off the throttle a little and away it pulls again same in 5th I don't even get into 6th as I can't get her into the powerband enough in 5th so 6th just drops off the revs. I've cleaned out the petrol tap and fitted new washers etc, run through full tank of petrol with wurth 2 stroke additive, cleaned and oiled filter, decoked power valve and set her up, changed plug, cleaned carb and a few other bits and bobs Am I running lean? Is it a case of adjusting the needle clip to richen it up a little? It can't be the jets surely as the bike was running well before the topend rebuild!!! Cheers Ken
  15. kenDAWG

    DT125 CARB

    Yeh there are people in her who could tell the carb from that information, wait and see what other people suggest. Once you know the make and model of the carb you can start looking in eBay! If the dt125r carb is the same I'm sure there is a member in here selling one if not i have delt with a person on eBay who is parting his dtr Ken
  16. kenDAWG

    DT125 CARB

    £400????? Your kidding me right? I'm sure the dt125r carb should fit, what make and model is your carb? Ken
  17. kenDAWG

    Cheap tyres

    There a decent road tyre pal not really enduro as they state they are but on the road they have some decent grip. I had the matching front tyre but I didn't rate it at all so it in the bin. Everyone has there choice of tyre I can't say its better than your choice but they have good reviews and at £15 rather than £55 its a steal but money is money Your call dude, do some reading up Ken
  18. Powder coat the swing arm aswell pal will look more tidy-black frame/swing arm with chrome exhaust and blue plastics should look clean and tidy I'm not sure on the plastics mind the dt plastics seem to be a little bit more flexible as there not fixed solid especially the tank fairings and I'm thinking they may crack over time! There may be some flexible kinda spray paint out there but I don't know! Ken
  19. Foamy there are some classics in there like hahah. I put my full dep exhaust on and plastics back on only to realise I hadn't put the exhaust gasket it. Over adjusted the rear brake when changing the wheels only to be found doing 20mph with bright red disk on a 60mph road with no chance to pull in for 5mins. Run out of petrol when pulling out of a junction only to have to jump off and push like fuck before both lanes of traffic killed me. I think that's all for now Ken
  20. kenDAWG

    Cheap tyres

    I got a Heidenau catspaw rear tyre here pal done about 100miles, ill sell you for £15+postage it was fitted to my dtr 18"...... Ken
  21. So much empty space in the frame must be for side winds lol... The person who done the should have really shrunk the frame down and made a mini version now that would have Been interesting Ken
  22. kenDAWG


    Up front opposite side of the tank to the radiator! Expansion tank is on the left hand side rear panel it uses the frame work instead of tubing an is prone to blocking (poor design really) Ken
  23. kenDAWG


    What year dt is it? Mines a 2003 and sitting on the bike, up front right hand fairing (opposite side to radiator) is where my 2t oil tank is Ken
  24. Get it on its feet and sell it pal I wouldn't even use it just get her cleaned and tidy put mot on it and get rid plenty of learners wanting 125s Ken
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