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  1. Hello there. I'm not far away from you in Prudhoe! Ken
  2. Looking good there Will look much better when on the bike Ken
  3. Thanks man i got it, looks past my capabilitys to even understand it lol but it will be handy to keep hold of Cheers Ken
  4. Hi there To adjust idle rpm there should be a thumb screw turn it out anticlockwise slow until desired rpm reached! Speedo isn't working could be 3 things-cable snapped (most likely) speedo is broken or broken speedo drive (on front spindle) you need to get the front wheel jacked up disconnect cable by the clock end spin front wheel by hand and see if the cable inside is turning! As for the exhaust sounds a little strange, your saying the when its loose the bike runs better??? Either the exhaust system is blocked/coked up or there is a restriction in the chamber still. Hope this helps Ken
  5. I've got my dt so its up to 60mph in no time for on the roads its a little bit scetchy with the mich ac10 tyres but on the green lanes its perfect I am currently thinking about some spare wheels with road tyres on!! I don't think there is ever going to be a bike that is perfect on and offroad its just something we have to admit.. I had my dt out with a mate on his yz125 and he just left me behind blasting about but at the end of the day he was waiting for his father with trailer to pick him up but I just went on my way. Ken
  6. Well to be honest carbon reeds, full after market exhaust and a professional setup of the carb is all you want. The dt is setup for reliability so one you start with the tuning them the reliability will suffer!!! There is a dt125re with yz125 engine in on eBay now £1600
  7. Could it be a 125 engine in a 50 bike? If its a 50cc I wouldn't put anymore cash into it really just part it out... Sounds like a lot of work is needed with no papers etc for the bike I personally wouldn't bother!!! Ken
  8. kenDAWG

    Save Mallory

    done... just like green laining the do gooders out there must not get there own way
  9. hey people im toying with the idea of tidying up the rear end of my dt, ive changed indicators to smaller clear lense bulb indicators which has cleaned up the look of the front end but im still not happy with the rear light/plate hanger... anyone point me in the right direction as to what to look for? either an all in one unit or a small led light and tail tidy bracket? as my rear mudgaurd has the light underneith im thinking maybe i could get away with a thin led strip light hopefully with built in numberplate lights. the look im after is basicly to pull all the rear componants up as close to the rear mudgaurd as i can, none of this bulky plastic stuffshowing. if anyone has any second hamdparts ill be listening!!! cheers ken
  10. That is what I call a trouser yawn, air is passed but no sound is made... Mine is more like a trouser cough lol!!! Good on her I say, she has prob had to put up with your raspers for a long time now lol Ken
  11. I know plenty of people sittin on there arse all day and have done for years, there the neighbours that look happy you can tell who goes to work because when you see them they look shattered (like me) But you can't blame them when society has made it so its better having your arse wiped by the state than be punished for working hard and bringing up a family!!! If I come into money I'm out of this shit hole! Ken
  12. Tax, immigration and pc state is the main factors, its not the fact that I think all 3 subjects should be abolished what I am trying to say they have all been exhausted to a worrying level I have had a 2% pay rise in 5yrs but have seen everything going up in price. So many things wrong. My girlfriend had to drop her working hours because if we put the cost of child care next to her wages we would not gain anything (she works for NHS admin) she doesn't get paid verywell don't think she makes £250pr week full time I earn £350pr week after tax but I'm left with £80pr week for my own use, used to be left with £200pr week to myself before the bairn was born an she had to drop her hours Sort out the tax Immigration Childcare And stop trying to wrap everyone in cotton wool you fucking retards Ken
  13. I'm looking into getting something like this for when I'm out at night, I live in Northumberland and surrounded by country roads with "passing places" and no lighting etc so could be a god send to me!!! Ken
  14. Welcome!! Check the Rees switch is out it retards the powervalve, pull light shroud off and you should see it taped up tucked away or it will still be in back of clocks pull it out and tap it up! Best looking at link airhead posted up, helped me no ends!! Ken
  15. £800 not to bad priced either! What engine would be producing 33hp? Ken
  16. Hmmm I'm looking at a road reg yz on eBay now!!! Got me thinking now Ken
  17. It's not a dream if its doable who says once full test is passed said person likes his little dt but would like it to have a little more gallop and has access to a yz engine? I can get a yz engine for mine but I haven't passed my test and I'm not competent enough to do it myself. Ken
  18. kenDAWG


    Yes that would be correct its not you I emailed its another member lol... Ken
  19. It's just a dt pal you have to use the clutch to get the front up, won't lift like a yz.... I've had my wheel off the ground and I've got longer gearing on mine so its less snappy off the mark and harder to wheelie-it tops out @80mph max but I don't go past 65 much! Ken
  20. kenDAWG


    Don't know but I've sent him 2 emails about parts he is selling and they haven't been opened yet?? Sometimes things in life change and the first time consuming hobby gets put to the side! Ken
  21. Or price a cylinder on eBay I got one for £60 with new sleeve!! Ken
  22. I've never had anyone actualy show me how to do the topend on mine but a few questions on here and YouTube videos later I had the whole topend off powervalve cleaned up everything serviced greased up and apart from a few hiccups (dirty fuel) she is running better than ever!!! Ken
  23. Ah well lol... No chance me popping through and giving you a hand then Ken
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