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  1. honestly im not messing on with jets or anything like that! had enough of trying to setup carbs, if the spark plug cand filter changes dont make a difference ill be thinking about decoking exhaust then if no joy ill be putting it into a shop for them to set it up!!
  2. Bloody eck Looks like the bike has been built around the engine and to stick a human on top of it would look like the equivelant of a pegeon perched on a tank lol!! Awesome looking unique bike, I love it
  3. Am gonna order a couple of new plugs and pull apart carb see how she is setup me thinks Also checking filters as suggested! Cheers Ken
  4. Hello people! Just bought a perfect example of a dr125r just got a minor problem with I believe the carb-ill explain in a little detail. Pulls from standstill up to 9000ish rpm and then I get bogging and stuttering, noticed it more today when I took her out on some busy roads. Only bought it Friday night Just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestion? Bike is fully derestricted with a full dep exhaust and snorkel removed, previous owner says he got carb jetted up in a garage but I don't believe him. Any ideas what jet she should have in? Cheers Ken
  5. I got decent results painting my old jc20 nsr, best thing I done was a light sanding with grit 1200 sand paper after every coat come up very smooth! Found most rattle can laquer was absolute rubbish!
  6. No mate but ill have a look into them, as long as there smaller than the ones on mine ill be interested! Just don't want any of them small fragile things off fleebay that wouldn't last a decent wind
  7. Thanx people It's in mint condition! Couple things I wanna do, wanna down size the indicators to something that isn't the size of fog lights on a mk1 fiesta and get the carb professionally setup! Thinking about changing the expansion chamber and trying to find original graphics just to get it back to its former glory! Cheers Ken
  8. thank you ill look into it, never really liked photobucket for all the pictures i have on there!
  9. yeh im having problems with photobucket, wont show the links to copy and paste grrrr
  10. any ideas on the best way to post up pics? a comunity full of people surrounded by information is better than a mate who used to own a pw50 20yrs ago so dont think i mean i dont want help off anyone in here because they never owned one - you will know more about them than me and i own one! any help is appreciated
  11. hi all! just aquired my first dt125r for a sum of £1400 - she is nice and standard apart from derestriction and full dep exhaust. got to say im happy with this bike, infact i love the dam thing lol nice and comfy - manages to haul my ass around quick enough!! just joined up to pick up some good pointers and also i belive to gain knowledge you must be surrounded by people with experience, sick of taking advice off people who havent even owned one! ill try upload pics but im having problems with photobucket, anyone know of a way to upload images direct to forum or is it not possible?? cheers ken
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