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  1. thank you ill look into it, never really liked photobucket for all the pictures i have on there!
  2. yeh im having problems with photobucket, wont show the links to copy and paste grrrr
  3. any ideas on the best way to post up pics? a comunity full of people surrounded by information is better than a mate who used to own a pw50 20yrs ago so dont think i mean i dont want help off anyone in here because they never owned one - you will know more about them than me and i own one! any help is appreciated
  4. hi all! just aquired my first dt125r for a sum of £1400 - she is nice and standard apart from derestriction and full dep exhaust. got to say im happy with this bike, infact i love the dam thing lol nice and comfy - manages to haul my ass around quick enough!! just joined up to pick up some good pointers and also i belive to gain knowledge you must be surrounded by people with experience, sick of taking advice off people who havent even owned one! ill try upload pics but im having problems with photobucket, anyone know of a way to upload images direct to forum or is it not possible?? cheers ken
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