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    its up to the buyer to make the seller aware of there situation regarding holidays etc!
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    dont worry if he give neg feedback you can get that removed so just go through the motions - make the t!t regret what he did! does he have much feedback? ive had problems with ebayers also-is it me or is it not the same as what it used to be???? i never go for the bidding, i just go for buy it now's and hunt for a decent price - i think the fun of bidding has been destroyed by prgrams that bid automaticly for you at the last min etc.... what happened to people bidding what they think its worth to them and if they get it for less its a bonus. used to love going on ebay for hours and bidding on stuff! i always put a buy it now on my listings ken
  3. My bike doesn't start sometimes I just keep kicking them it does, mine doesn't like the cold Don't think I can help you! No idea on your idle rpm no idea on your max rpm your plug is correct colour. All I can think is fuel supply problem Sorry Ken
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    Invoice is automatically sent!! They know they have won the item as they get an email!! There should be a standard amount of time for payment you need to look at your listing, it is possible to change it but if you haven't I'm sure it's 5 days! Just email them and ask if they still want item and they are bound by eBay rules, you will then have no option but to proceed through eBay policy
  5. Colour of plug suggests its running right mixture! When you do get it ticking over is the revs 1500rpm ish? Mine wouldn't pull just like yours, was smooth but underpowered, found out my power valve was restricted and also the limiter was still present in speedo!!! Does your bike redline through the gears? Before mine was derestricted I could get about 7500rpm just before powerband was gonna Kick in then that was it! Now I can scream through the gears redline and it shifts
  6. hey mate your saying sluggish topend-is it stuttering (pulling random)? any idea what colour the end of the spark plug is?? could be a number of things was it running fine before servicing or is it something that has happened all of a sudden? if you can explain exactly whats happened and when along with colour of plug someone in here might be able to help you!! cheers ken
  7. works a treat!! bike pulls up to the red line, setup the powervalve with exhaust off and pulled the limter out of the clock taped it up and off i went! very good thread, possibly the most helpfull thread for me. cheers people ken
  8. brilliant thread! i just bought a 2003 dt125r and bike wont go past 8000rpm and splutters, gonna check the power valve setting and also the reed switch!!! got a full dep exhaust and bike is in very good order with correct jetting etc! ill follow the steps on here and ill post back on my findings cheers ken
  9. Wow!!! What. Machine! Love the use of all them led's hidden away-had to double take to find headlight!!!!! Good job Ken
  10. In my opinion it's not the prep or the spraying that's the problem, laquer coat was a pain in the arse for me!! There isn't a decent Finnish in a rattle can, could get the final coat of spray to look like glass then spoil it with the laquer! Trial and error
  11. wow that looks like a project i wouldnt even think about, you got your work cut out lol
  12. Me too!! Been looking at bulbs on fleebay
  13. Well bike is in need of a new front sprocket so I might order standard and 1 tooth more, keep the standard one for green laining! How come the dt's struggle to get 60mph I would have thought the liquid cooled 2t engine would push for 80mph?
  14. Lol could be worse you could have won a cbr125
  15. Just been quoted £15 for carb setup by a shop which specialise in mx 2t bikes so I'm happy about that! I do think the plug is being fouled so am just gonna bang it in the shop
  16. Good job I asked eh? Lol Is it correct that 1 tooth on the front is equivelant to 3 on rear?
  17. Hey people! Before I get my carb setup I'm thinking about making my dr125r more suitable at 60mph! If I scream the nipples off it it reaches 110kph but I'm not a fan of running bike flat out for national speed limit! If I go down a tooth on front sprocket would this allow more comfortable riding? I'm gonna keep the standard sprocket for green laining! Cheers Ken
  18. honestly im not messing on with jets or anything like that! had enough of trying to setup carbs, if the spark plug cand filter changes dont make a difference ill be thinking about decoking exhaust then if no joy ill be putting it into a shop for them to set it up!!
  19. Bloody eck Looks like the bike has been built around the engine and to stick a human on top of it would look like the equivelant of a pegeon perched on a tank lol!! Awesome looking unique bike, I love it
  20. Am gonna order a couple of new plugs and pull apart carb see how she is setup me thinks Also checking filters as suggested! Cheers Ken
  21. Hello people! Just bought a perfect example of a dr125r just got a minor problem with I believe the carb-ill explain in a little detail. Pulls from standstill up to 9000ish rpm and then I get bogging and stuttering, noticed it more today when I took her out on some busy roads. Only bought it Friday night Just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestion? Bike is fully derestricted with a full dep exhaust and snorkel removed, previous owner says he got carb jetted up in a garage but I don't believe him. Any ideas what jet she should have in? Cheers Ken
  22. I got decent results painting my old jc20 nsr, best thing I done was a light sanding with grit 1200 sand paper after every coat come up very smooth! Found most rattle can laquer was absolute rubbish!
  23. No mate but ill have a look into them, as long as there smaller than the ones on mine ill be interested! Just don't want any of them small fragile things off fleebay that wouldn't last a decent wind
  24. Thanx people It's in mint condition! Couple things I wanna do, wanna down size the indicators to something that isn't the size of fog lights on a mk1 fiesta and get the carb professionally setup! Thinking about changing the expansion chamber and trying to find original graphics just to get it back to its former glory! Cheers Ken
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