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  1. I want to know what the Athena goes like. Would it give enough hp to go up a tooth on the front sprocket and still be able to pull in 6th... Coming on well up to now Ken
  2. I don't know why your all having a go at grouch - even the most hardened biker gets disheartened when there bike keeps fucking up!! If my gear box went on the dt would I split the engine? Nope incase I messed it up I would buy a replacement then strip the old one down so at least the bike is running and I could gain knowledge stripping the broken one. Everyone's ability levels are different and also there circumstances are different. Ken
  3. Part of me still thinks its the reeds
  4. Good (ish) news Got the back bike in back of van, took off exhaust piston and rings still intact, powervalve fully functional-spark coming from plug so its got to be fuel side of things... Strip down of carb this weekend me thinks Ken
  5. no one i know has one pal...
  6. that is a good coment but the bike wont run at all now and there is fuel flowing out of the drain screw pipe at a fast rate... cheers ken
  7. Yeh cheers lads... I'm loosing faith in her a little, for a 2t that bike was so reliable wanted nothing took some punishment. My little dt125 with some michelin AC10's on will go anywhere but I have to admit once I get her fixed up she is gone! I'm going back to the honda nsr 125 jc20 or an tzr 125 just for a change in bike style however I can't say a bad word about my little yammy. If its not raining tomorrow I'm gonna push her home even though its all uphill for 2-3miles (gulp) Cheers Ken
  8. i done the whole topend less than 500 miles ago - i didnt use a decent branded kit but ill have to look at a mitaka topened and some quality small end barings but sure the dam thing shouldnt have given up after 500 miles??? i do change plugs every other month and there golden brown in colour! ken
  9. bad fuel was my first guess... to be fair the bike is in very good condition all pipes still flexable and usable oil is getting there, could there be something wrong with the reed block? i fitted carbon reeds on it months ago just wondering if they have failed? the knocking noise is a light sound coming from the topend - sounds like barings are shot unfortunatly i dont have a wallet at min due to child, mortgage and the significant other dropping 2 days at work ken
  10. you think? how come its coming in at a certain rpm? i thought it was more the fueling system but hey if its the ht lead even easyer to fix although i have had the plug out and checked for spark cheers ken
  11. hi all... thursday night/friday morning going to work noticed a few strange things happen to my little dtr ill try explain in detail see if you lot have any ideas. right heading into work thursday i noticed the bike wouldnt go past 6krpm would bog and pop out the exhaust while pulling aggeresive in spurts go up a gear no problems aslong as i keep below 6k rpm now i posted in a thread about fake iridium plugs and i did have this problem with 2 of the iridium plugs i bought off fleebay but the original ngk plug was fine - now its doing it with all plugs grrrrrrrrr whilst parking her up leaving her to idle i noticed what i can say is a knocking noise coming from the topend but would come and go but the noise was noticable easily i put the poor running down to a blocked main jet maybe?? unfortunatly i had no option but to use it to get home exactly the same was lucky to get 40mph and she just felt all wrong (a complete chore to ride) same goes for friday i had to use it as i didnt have any means to get to work then same same bog pop pop bang blurgh up a gear no problem however when i got into the yard she just cut out completely rolling to my parking space. now friday after work 15mins of kicking and bumb starting absolutely nothing. checks ive done plug (changed) filter (nice and clean) fuel (drained float bowl and there is a constant flow of fuel) im ordering a new mitaka topend kit along with small end bairings and athena gasket kit just worried incase this problem is an easy fix and im getting a little carried away wasting money cheers ken
  12. get it back on its feet and flog it man..... if its got mot and tax a fully running bike would sell quicker than parts and less hassle than parting it out! i fitted a engine to my xlr 125 its easy man - but you can sell the parts off your broke engine like someone already mentioned to claw back some cash.
  13. You need to find out how much the bike is worth as it is next to it working with the £300 engine.... Might be worth investing the £300 and sell it as soon as you get it fixed! Don't use it just sell it then drop the cash on your next bike Ken
  14. Looking good there!! Wish I had the time to sort mine, its at work in the yard given up the ghost unfortunately and my baby girl is not verywell so baby takes priority. Ken
  15. Honestly have no idea what them plugs have done to my little dt I can only get 35-40mph out of it and its rattling its tits off jerking and popping. Going to have to perform surgery on it in Sunday
  16. Your bit supposed to strap down to compress the front forks it can damage the seals although I have done this myself without any problems. Ken
  17. Now that is good customer service right there, a company who generates a lot money actually spending money on a customer-that is very rare..... Ken
  18. kenDAWG

    Latest Disaster

    Lack of lube me thinks! Do as lads have said, oil it and hang in until you see the oil dripping out... Ken
  19. Yeh but they where ngk iridium plugs I've used them in 4 different bikes with no problems until now!!! I have a local small bike shop that sells normal ngk number 6 plugs so think ill just buy off them at least they can be trusted. Ken
  20. Well my last 2 purchases of iridium plugs lasted less than 10mims each both from same eBay seller!!!!!! I couldn't believe it-miss firing popping and banging I thought my bike had died especially when the flames come out the exhaust. Put back in the normal ngk plug hey presto??? Now my little dtr is rattling its tits off, doesn't sound good what so ever! Both iridium plugs where dripping wet and black as hell. I can't believe I commented on this thread, I forgot and searched for fake iridium plugs I've always used them but I replace my plug every other month How can I tell if they are original??? Just out of curiosity! Cheers Ken
  21. Unfortunately its not as simple as that my friend!! Apart from tracks that you have to pay to ride on all you have is the green lanes and to be honest there not as easy as typing into a satnav to find! You need to source an upto date set of green lane maps, try joining a local club and you should get all the info you need! I know the lanes I ride on there kinda getting closed-I can ride along a greenlane then find myself on a track that's illegal for bikes.... I've got wrap around handgaurds Michelin ac10 tyres on for the lanes but I've given up Ken
  22. i think this has been posted before! good bit of info though ken
  23. That is a need or 2x 120dB horns me thinks!!!! I've had it happen to me Ken
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