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  1. thats what i thought 70mph should be reachable in my opinion but ill not know what sprockets its running until i pull her to bits and check everything over!! i have a 17 tooth front sprocket and i think ill get a couple more have a play about with it see whats suitable to me cheers ken
  2. the holes in jets are so small you might not have noticed a small bit of gunk in there!! make sure you took out all the jets and cleaned them and the holes where they live i blast them through with anything compressed air,carb cleaner,wd40 and air freshener aslong as it gets a good blast. once i finnish blasting it out i just let everything soak in petrol. what colour is your spark plug? is it new? ken
  3. it is defo a kick in the knackers when something crops up and all you want to do it get on with the rebuild project i got stuck for months with my old 1992 nsr i ended up selling it becuase i lost the drive and passion... keep the faith and get stuck in, you will be happy at the end of it knowing it was you who got her running again!! get some pics up people like to see what there helping you with. good luck ken
  4. kenDAWG

    dt125r pic2

    From the album: 2003 dt125r

    almost stock apart from full dep
  5. kenDAWG

    dt125r Pic 1

    From the album: 2003 dt125r

    de-restricted with full dep
  6. man i borrowed a pair of my mates gortex berghaus over pants a year back when we done a bit off roading they stuck in my mind because the zips went from top to bottom and they took like 2 seconds to put on and take off aswell as being water proof... they where about £90ish im looking for them for myself. if you find a decent pair hell let me know them full zips up the side are worth there weight in gold i tell yeh cheers ken
  7. 800cc 2 stroke with direct injection sounds like a plan lol-will it fit in my dt125r frame please?
  8. paid £20 posted for 3mb head - £70 posted for re-lined cylinder ill look into the paint! what sort of performance gain did you notice if any with the 3mb head? i cant get mine to go past 60mph i would be happy with 70mph so i could keep 60 constant without having to red line the bike i mean if the head does give it a little bit more snap off the mark ill go up a tooth on the front sprocket. im just worried if i go up a tooth ill kill the acceleration!! i like my little bike so i dont wanna ruin the ride cheers ken
  9. just bought a new 3mb head off fleebay, detonation surface is perfect and smooth no chips or anything just covered in black so i done the old cola trick!! left it in a dish and covered in coca cola and wiped off the black with little effort-some complete tool has painted the top of it red which i couldnt see until the cola had taken off the dirt why would someone want to paint there engine bright red????..... any ideas on how to get it off?? hows the head performing on yours airhead? ive also bought a newly lined cylinder and piston/gasket kit so its gonna be fresh as a daisy cheers ken
  10. defo sounds like the carb... get that carb cleaned out and blast some air in there (small tin usually used as keyboard duster), a little fuel in the float bowl for 10 month will go off and go into a jelly like substance-you have sucked that shit through the jets which have very small holes. ill be cleaning mine out after 2 months of standing time. ken
  11. Welcome!! I had problems starting the dtr yesterday, poor thing had ice on its seat took some kicking and a lot of time on the choke. Ken
  12. Honestly like mate I have never worked on your bike before but when me and my dad done my old Honda xlr we took the head off and checked it all but that is a right chore and I wouldn't advise doing that until someone who knows this model bike can chirp up and give you some pointers. Is your spark a bright healthy looking one or is it bright and dull at different times? Is your bike even trying to start? Sounds like a puzzle to me pal Ken
  13. putting my bike off the road is like having my legs cut off, i dont have a car license so im hitching lifts into work... my mates are off green laining on the quads this weekend but im sticking to the warmth buy the fire with plenty of brown ale ken
  14. I thought it was funny, there is another one where a older lass is standing in a door way of an apartment block dressed up too look like the girl from the ring late at night. People walk through the door see her and leg it, one bloke ran past her then turned around and slaped an pushed her over was amusing
  15. kenDAWG

    Mod 2 and ice

    You know this day and age you would think moving a stick up and down would be so simple everyone can manage it! It's absolutely disgusting the amount of lazy people out there on the roads. It's a shame you failed pal, hope it goes better next time
  16. Aye there the ones, machined out of single piece of metal so should be strong!
  17. Yeh sorry it's a bad idea taking your bike to bits before the easy stuff! Try looking at the induction system also, change the plug! Is the spark nice and bright or is it dull but still sparking? Ken
  18. hmmm is there a problem with the exhaust valve? if there is a spark and plug is wet with fuel then i dont know myself, all i can think of is the burnt fuel isnt getting exhausted
  19. look on ebay pal they have brackets to lower the arse end for the shorter people, im 6ft 2 so looking at jacking mine up lol!! post up some pics when you get it!! catch you later pal ken
  20. I think 35-1 rings a bell!! I'm sure yours will have a pump on it unless someone has removed it
  21. Mobil racing 2t oil fully synthetic £15pr ltr off amazon!! And no you don't have to fill it up every tank I think I top it up after 4 full tanks and even then it's not empty
  22. Hi there I don't know the mixture as I use the oil pump on my bike, I just fill up the tank and off she goes! I take it your pump doesn't work?? There are a lot of people using different oils and swear by them and to be honest I've used 3 different kinds all fully synthetic and reputable brands none of this cheap nasty stuff-think the last stud I bought was £14ish for 1 ltr. Some people swear by halfords fully synthetic but I go for the racing fully synthetic. Ill have a look on my amazon account and see what the last kind I bought was. Ken
  23. Not be long then you will be asking how to derestrict it lol!! I thought mine was when I first got it turns out it had a limiter in the back of the clock now she pulls even quicker but I'm like you and trying to get used to it. It's more helpful having full use of the power valve and full rpm to pull up the hills and overtake otherwise you look like a penis when the said car puts his foot down mid overtake. Good little bikes though, can't wait for green laining summer time
  24. hi there!! i have a dt125r 2004 fully derestricted, good little bike just about to do a topend rebuild on mine over christmas time!! is yours standard and restricted? cheers ken
  25. kenDAWG


    line cleaner, sounds tasty lmfao cheers ken
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