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  1. oh wow that looks nice, good nick aswell
  2. have you tested the wires to see if there is power going to the servo while cleaning process is done? do you know if the servo worked before you tried it? get the numbers off the cdi and see if it is correct for the engine/servo
  3. yeh that kinda thing but not the cheapo chinese horse shit stuff though, god i try avoid buying stuff from china and hong kong direct as there quality is terrible. looking for an iphone on ebay and the amount of "look alike phones" is unreal direct from china lol erm nope ken
  4. i too was interested in some form of security rather than an alarm i was after something like a tracker im sure i read somewhere online that there is a one that you can pinpoint where the bike is and also texts you aswell as having little battery drain.. that would do me atleast if i knew where it was i could get a few of the boys together in a van and make a few enquirys. i know most of the theiving retards so word gets around very quickly like pointed out there is no point in trying to remote start a manual choked carb, if its cold you wont get that started in a hurry... ive never been a fan of alarming my bike neither i would rather fit some decent locks and ground anchor the gps tracker would be the last straw ken
  5. bloody ell.... 90mph on a 50cc??? i bet that felt safe, eyes closed constantly waiting for the bang lol
  6. you know what the indicators got swerved big time, very very poor build quality ill be looking at some smaller genuine yamaha ones instead... ive got it back together but i couldnt get the temp probe out of the original head and therfore a little bit to much force was given and i have snapped the head of it so im in need of another one. i found the rattle noise it was the small end bairing far to much play and started to wear away at the pin, i fired it up and it sounds a hell of alot more healthy also put on a 17t front sprocket. 6hrs ive been on at the bike now im sitting having a beer, i leave the rest for another day cheers ken
  7. well people its inevitable i would end up pulling her to bits and giving my baby some new life ive bought a few bits and bobs as follows newly sleaved cylinder 3mb head athena gasket set small end bairings new piston/rings anti freeze led indicators. im gonna try get this all done before darkness sets in. now this is the first time i will try anything like this on a 2t so its all one massive learning curve, i was given advice to make sure i give everything a little bit of 2t oil for some extra protection on first startup and to help get the piston/rings into the bore. anymore tips and advice is welcome, i would take pics but i have just sold both my iphones on fleebay-ill try hunt a camera out but i dont think the white camera my girlfriend has would be a good idea. WISH ME LUCK (ill need it lol) cheers people ken
  8. kenDAWG

    Spot the Cat

    i found it, half a bottle of jack daniels and 3 cans of lager and i spotted it in about 20mins lol
  9. kenDAWG

    DUCATI 996

    Why o why would someone do that? He should have his right to own a motorcycle taken off him for the sin he has been found guilty of!!!! Ducati might not be a brand everyone would call reliable but they make some sexy looking and sounding bikes... Ill have it just so I could say I have a Ducati in the garage lol
  10. Lol... I've got away with most things aswell but the bike is a no no, every time a parcel comes through the door she is watching me open it "if that's for that stupid bike I'm gonna smash it" hahaha Its amusing...
  11. hey pal i have to take a week off work to do a topend build on my dt, turns out im now boarding the loft and decorating the passageway.... every man is in the same boat when living with there other half - even worse if you add a baby
  12. hi there cheers for the reply!! by the sounds of it someone else has first dibs on it now - i kinda went off the idea when i found out that some form of feild animal had been using it for home he was banging on about it been dry stored and hardly any miles then later on mentioned about having to pull a nest out of it nahh not intersted
  13. im going to look further into this i think, think the rambling sites is a good idea
  14. My idea of green laining is definitely for an adventure but if anything was to happen I would like to be able to point out my location and I have never had anything to do with maps and with today's technology I would use a map as backup to a GPS... I'm hoping to do some serious mileage in the summer so want to get prepared! Cheers Ken
  15. looking into buying some kinda gps for green lainging, there is going to be a few of us but no one has a gps so im wanting to invest as where we are going is unknown lol.. i do have an iphone 3gs and i know i can get some kinda software for it but the signal on mine is crap-really bad to a point where ill be switching networks when contract runs out. seriously if you have ever known or used of a cheapish gps hit me up cheers ken
  16. that sounds a little expensive!!
  17. cool keep me posted.. hope there of use to you
  18. you can be the one to submit some decent feedback for the rest of us pal... if there any good ill buy em too ken
  19. hey people im looking at changing my indicators to led then having a little tidy of the rear end so ive been on fleebay looking for universal tail tidys and i stumbled across the acrebis linky ---> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-ACERBIS-LED-REAR-STOP-TAIL-LAMP-PLATE-HOLDER-ENDURO-/360392786065?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item53e9158091 can anyone confirm of there build quality and brightness of there rear light? also it doesnt look like there is any holes for fitting indicators so i guess ill have to make my own. has anyone got any other tail tidys they can point me towards?? my dtr has the rear light under the mudgaurd not the small one on the top like i see on the newer models otherwise i would have just bought a bracket that fits underneith cheers ken
  20. welcome...dt125 are decentbikes for learning on
  21. think it has been downgeared... bloody hell i hope i havent just got 5 gears lol - ive had a few cans and i cant remember hahaha ill check tomorrow ken
  22. thing is mine is on the red @ 60mph, if it could do 70mph i would be happy at 60mph all day - just feel as though im killing my baby lol
  23. anything thats flamable will do... maybe airfreshner is a little too far but if its all you got lol ive used lighter gas before
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