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  1. Get the plug out and check its colour man.. Lots of ifs and buts in here, fire her up let it warm up give it full revs and flick the kill switch at full revs (plug chop) the plug will tell all!!!
  2. kenDAWG

    bike advice

    well there are people who have problems, a hoarding disorder of bikes i guess you fall into the bracket lol
  3. kenDAWG

    bike advice

    result... you can never have to many bikes
  4. cool well if you want it on here robertdtr you can have it for £60, ill throw up a forsale thread when you are ready! ill give you the savings i would have received from not having to pay ebay and paypal fees!!! cheers ken
  5. im in no rush too sell it pal so if you do want it just give me the nod and ill hoy it on ebay for ye... dont think i can sell to you on here as you dont have 100 feedback? unless someone can tell me its ok? cheers ken
  6. mine is a dt125r 2003 has the markings of "3mb00" on the side i paid £70 posted for it pal its a little expensive i know i can link you to the ebay transaction for proof... dont worry if you dont want it i bought it as backup belive it or not lol but as my current cyclinder is on stock bore i have another couple of rebores before i would need it. ken
  7. turning the choke on reduces the airflow so if the bike is running lean then this would infact make the bike run better its just used to check the running... im not sure on the jet sizes mine was setup by a garage, if the mixture is wrong you should never run your bike especially a 2t you will risk ruining your topend and maybe your bottom end.
  8. well i have a cylinder right here with me that has a fresh liner so its running stock bore 56mm, ive sprayed it with heat resistant engine paint - dont want much for it pal and can do the transaction over fleebay but sit tight and see what the others recomend as its a pain in the asse doing the topend. you will have the run in period aswell so would hate to advise you on something not necessary is it just a drip or a steady flow? if its a drip im sure you can get additives that can fix it like a radiator puncture gunk cheers ken
  9. that sounds bad, im not sure if you can fix that without a new cylinder - if you put the bolt back in does it stop? if it does im not sure you might get away with running it like that but if it was me i'd be looking for a new one.... how long was the bolt? ken
  10. get your hands on a plug spanner its the easyest way to tell how its running and there like £5 along with a new spark plug (iridium is my choice) sounds like you need to go up a main jet but if you go up a main jet you wont know if its correct unless you checkyour plug afterwards i cant emphasise how important the mixture is on a 2t you get it wrong it will cost you more than a plug spanner and a couple of plugs. cheers ken
  11. well 6th gear for me has hardly any excelleration also and i only use it to hold the speed i was doing in 5th just at lower rpm, when ever thing get changed on 2 strokes especially intake/exhaust it is a good idea to get it properly jetted to get the benifits. im lucky with mine it has been derestricted with full dep and snorkel removed and the spark plug is a nice light brown colour!! chuck in a new plug and run it for a few mile then have a look at the colour see how she is running, but the mixture is crucial to these 2 strokes you dont want her going wrong on you. merry christmas ken
  12. i did read something online about a landrover sender fitting the dt but i had to trawl pictures on the internet to find a similar one and zoomed in and i narrowed it down to the 300tdi sender, i thought i would take one for the team and ordered it "does the job" exactly the same size etc so hey if anyone is looking for one you know the score and its a save of £35. i found the tdi sender on fleebay brand new for £5 posted there easy to get ahold of but the dt sender is like looking for hens teeth ken
  13. thats what i was thinking of doing but you know what im looking at selling her so ill keep her standard maybe if i got some spare time ill have a look at it ive got a newly re-sleaved cylinder aswell so i could get them both painted up and on fleebay. im leaning towards an aprilia mx125 just something with a little more hp to pull my arse up the hills ken
  14. well a little update...... removed 3mb head nothing untoward noticed coolant level was still just under radiator cap. replaced head with stock and off she went. what has happened here is the 3mb i was sold is a dud, thermostat isnt opening so no liquid is being circulated - i took the bike out for a run up to 50mph and a ride about the streets and temp didnt go past halfway so unless someone has a good condition 3mb head for me im stickin with stock for a while. i couldnt get the 3 screws off the top of the 3mb thermostat housing they are solid so im guessing its a bin job im not wasting anymore time on this im just a little gutted how people on ebay will say its working when its not no where near... on a brighter note i bought a land rover defender 300 tdi temprature sender AMR1425 becuase it looked like the sendor on my dt and guess what it fit exactly the same and i bought a proper one from yambits at £40-so yambits charging £35+postage and landrover dealer charging £3.50+£1.50 postage how come when there exactly the same???? yambits you have a returns after christmas for sure. anyway im happy bike feels really healthy bring on the summer merry christmas everyone and have a good newyear cheers ken
  15. cap was tightned mate... old coolant was pink new coolant is blue the expansion tank still contains pink coolant so im guessing the run through the frame to the expansion tank is currently blocked... i must say when i mean steam i didnt mean a steamtrain kinda vapour we are talking a tiny bit but that could also be the remains of what i spilt when topping her up getting heated up of the radiator. ill be in the garage soon so ill see whats what and im thinking ill crack the head off and check the gasket, anyone know what torque settings i should be using on the head? i did tighten them up fairly tight but i got my torque wrench back from a friend so am gonna get this done properly! ive got to thinking is there some kinda valve that opens to let the water through once the bike reaches a certain tempreture? thermostat? i think im gonna put on the original head and have a mess on with the 3mb see if i can fully recondition it - person who sold it to me said it was off a working bike, well ill have to have a look myself. cheers ken
  16. I'm going for the airlock first as said above, I'm sure all water passages etc line up perfect as I had both the heads together and checked em over before I installed them. I hope I haven't caused any damage because in all honesty I haven't got the time these days to mess on with the bairn taking up most of my free time, I have today to get it sorted so finger crossed I wouldn't care she sounds sweet as a nut nice and healthy so I'm in no doubt that if I can sort the cooling out I'll be happy for a while Cheers Ken
  17. Well I got my bike rebuilt consisting of Piston,rings small end bairings, athena gasket, carbon reeds and changed the head to a 3mb everything went fine took a few hours fired her up and she sounded perfect a little smokey but that will be due to me oiling up the barrel with 2t oil. Anyway I left her ticking over for 10 mins like I normally do went back into garage and there was steam coming from radiator cap and the temp was sky high.... I'm beginning to wonder if the head might be warped or something? Is it possible to have airlock??? I'm going to be having another look tomorrow but I want a few pointers as to what I should be looking for? I just turned her off and walked away so everything will be as it was... I did notice however that the expansion tank serves no purpose as that was the first place I looked and no water coming out of any overflows etc!!! Any advice would be welcome Cheers lads Ken
  18. kenDAWG

    Merry Christmas

    merry christmas to all... works night out yesterday, well works day and night should i say!! what a state, i couldnt walk or talk by 10pm no money for my taxi fare when i got home throwing up out of my nose at 6am got out of bed at 4pm i have the shakes!!! not long until i go back to bed, hopefully better fettle tomorrow BAAAAAAARF
  19. im guessing yours would fit into the heavily modified section and you would have to have vosa inspect the bike - sounds like a right chore but if you wanna do something different you might aswell make enquirys to the cost and time for vosa to look at it ken
  20. ah yes i see what you are saying but you get the reg for the vehicle from the frame so im guessing you keep the age related plate along with the frame but the bike bracket it would fall into for insurance would change
  21. i do belive its once the original engine has been removed and replaced with non standard engine is it not? i think then it would fall into the (modified - non standard - customized) bracket and not actually have a model name
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