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  1. what do you mean ??????, btw it reads 60 on the speedo but if thats true speed or not i dont know
  2. right with a new carb and a 240 jet installed she will hit powerband in 3rd, (taking my up to about 60mph) which didnt happen before, but... in mid rev range in 1st 2nd and 3rd (mid rev being 4-7k RPM) the bike will splutter really fast and somtimes it will just keep revving and carry on normal but if im not going fast enough she will splutter and slow down 4th 5th and 6th are still unusable due to not enough speed and if i go into them the bike wont speed up or even hold speed im at, any ideas ? thanks
  3. thats true yes, i put a new carb on and she runs ALOT better, but still a bit stagger / sputtery, should have a 240 jet arrive today or tomorrow and will put that in and try her, i think were FINALLY on the right track on solving whats holding her back, will keep updated and thanks,
  4. well the jets in her are bigger then stock. so i didnt think that would slow her down, as people have said that she will go about 80 with stock parts, as far as can see there is no washer on or in the exhaust and will try bigger jets either way thanks
  5. hello, had another post about this but it kinda died and whatnot anyway my bike has a really annyoing problem thats driving me up the wall in 2nd gear to 6th the bike just wont get any power, wont even speed up, in 1st gear all is fine and will work like it was new in 2nd it will slowly rev, and when it hits its power band (8k RPM) instead of turning into a rocket like normal it will only ( as best i can explain ) splutter, hit rev limiter or hiccup, its really hard to tell and with a loss of my mobile i have no way to record a ride out. the piston mooves a tiny tiny bit, but i really cant tell if the engine is making the piston slap noise, the barrel isnot marked and all is good with it (.75 oversize piston) the carb has been cleaned mutiple times, but im still getting a new one as this one is bit old and naff, stock airbox fitted and brand new iridum spark plonked in, i cant really do a compression test as i dont have a tester its starting to kill me as im not sure whats wrong, it could be anything but im not sure how to find out thanks
  6. hello, i am currently trying to restore a old beat down Yamaha tzr 125, engine is 2rh btw =) while looking through the receipts of parts replaced i noticed that the jets in the carb have been replaced 1 X 190 1 X 195 1 X 200 i remember seeing somewhere saying that the standard size for the bike is 180 if i am not mistaken, are these too big for the bike ? assuming theses are currently installed. will they cause the engine to stutter? as in previous post i stated that in 3rd gear up the engine wont hit its power band, it just stutters and slows down at high revs. thanks for any help mikuni hex heads ( brass )
  7. I have a chinaeese bike where vibrations kill the bulb and I never seem to notice, will deffo put these on my bikes, thanks
  8. Sorry for a late reply, after taking off the head, it's been recently rebored to .75 oversize and the barrel looks good, the air filter made no difference, she stutters in all gears except 1st and 2nd, now gona try a new reed valve tomorrow, in no luck nes carb and jets, just can't pinpoint the problem, I have a hunch it's the wording but can't say for sure and the wires are cut and chopped , will try to get a video up with the problem, I have seen so many things on the Internet that say its cause by. Eg statis plate, spark plug, I have a feeling I will end up replacing the whole bike soon, haha just want to get her going again
  9. right then, after a little learning experience, turns out that the piston has a bit of play in the barrel, rings are good, and compression is fair, have been told either i have a wrong sized piston or a re-bore is in order =( but can that really kill the power that much, and make the engine splutter and keep my top speed at 50 ish ????
  10. took off exhaust and put my fingers up there, could feel the top ,rough (possably rusty piston ????) which didnt seem right, and nothing else, if im corect in saying that the valve is fully open as far as i can tell, im gona take off air filter and see take her for a ride, so will edit a update later, would have done it sooner but rain here is terrible
  11. I'm sorry to ask this and people here will want to shoot me but how do I do a compression test? And thanks for info, will post a vid and some pics of her soon
  12. Good to know the difference so I can explain without confusing, I don't have the servo attached so I assume the valve is pinned open, but would thats not the entire problem, but my be a contributeing factor, my local mechanic says the servo is not worth it as it won't effect the speed, but I don't know why it splutters, and why it won't speed up in 3rd gear and up? I will take the air filter off tomorrow and see what happens, but I'm curious of the piston is shot or something, I'm not really mechanically minded, If I was I could explain the problem more I will record me riding the bike tomorrow and then you might know what I blabber on about, sorry i can't help out much 1st gear is fine, will not splutter when hits power band 2nd will hit power band and will splutter if throttle is open fully ( I will let off a tiny bit) 3rd 4th 5th 6th, no low end power, won't hit powerband, and if I do manage to hit 8k rpm in 3rd gear it will splutter the moment the engine hits 8krpm
  13. in 1st gear when i reach 8000 Rpm the bike will take off like a rocket, because of the power valve. the same will happen in 2nd gear when it hits 8000 rpm but if i have the throttle fully open it will not take off like in first gear, it will splutter i only said it to see if anyone could make sence of it as i cant, sorry for confusing, im not sure what the proper name for the power: band / valve etc.. the thing that makes the bike go really fast when you get to a certain point of high rpm, and will try without the air filter and let you know results, if you need any info let me know, and if im still talking gibberish i can allways upload a video onto youtuebe and show you what i mean thanks
  14. I do apologise sir, bit ahead of myself there, as I'm sure are many people, let me intro myself I'm Gareth, 21 , been riding for 3 years, and own, 4 bikes, my beloved tzr, BSA bantam d7, honda sky, and a chinaeese bike Hope I can help out on here as I hope to get some help
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