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  1. Grr... Well done on managing to get your bike in the house! I have already tried that, but it didn't go down too well... Ha ha!
  2. So, I've stumbled across an adventure and a half on t'internet tonight: Around the world, solo, on a YBR125, ha ha! I'd bet get a wiggle on....
  3. Hey and welcome to the forum! I'm sure someone will be able to help with your issue.
  4. bippo

    Sun and Bugs...

    Ha ha! As a pillion, the worst I had was a falling acorn on my knee cap. I'm sure I have all this to look forward to. :-)
  5. bippo

    Sun and Bugs...

    Fantastic riding roads up here. Moved here around 6 years ago. :-)
  6. Great looking bike Grouch! I did look at one of these when checking out second hand bike. :-)
  7. Glad to hear it - I can see myself taking on a few epic journey's too, it's much more fun than the car. In fact, I do have plans to travel back to my parents on A roads instead of the M1 - around 160 miles which I think will be good fun.
  8. Yeah, they sure are a smart looking starter bike, I'm so happy with it. I'm just getting some more practise in and then I'll start using her for commutes. On that note, I think I will look into a gel seat cover as I'll be covering 80 miles a day!
  9. Hey all! Here are a few pictures of my first bike. I bought it brand new about 2 weeks ago, and I'm already getting close to taking it back in for it's first 600 mile service! As 125's go, for the price this is a superb bike. The biggest issue I have with it is comfort levels on a long ride - it sends my ass to sleep! But hey, that's hardly the end of the world is it.
  10. bippo

    Sun and Bugs...

    Hey all! So I've finally done it - gone out for a weekend ride in the glorious weather! Since picking my bike up a couple of weeks ago, I've simply strolled down to the shops or gone out for a local jaunt for practise seeing as I've never ridden before. Anyway, around family commitments, I had a few free hours today, and how could I resist this weather?! So I've just come back from a 90 mile ride around some glorious roads. For those who know the area, I went over Woodhead Pass and around Holmfirth / Penistone and then back towards my house, out over Snakes Pass, down to Castleton and over Winnats Pass before ending up in Chapel-on-le-Frith and back up into Glossop. No dramas, just great views and a lot of bugs flying into my visor! This is what riding is all about... :-)
  11. Hey and welcome to the forum Adam! Glad you have your bike back - ruddy chavs...
  12. Hey Lee! Welcome! I also have a YBR, picked it up a couple of weeks ago and the miles are racking up :-) Unlike you, it's my first bike, but I'm enjoying it. I also plan on getting my full licence next year, and can't wait! Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself on here.
  13. Some great stories from you all, thanks! Thinking about it, I do have one story to share from a while back - purely from a pillion perspective mind... My ex had a TW125 (one one with the HUGE back wheel!) He had gained his full license, so that bike carted us everywhere for a while. Anyway, it was a really nice day so we decided to go and have a BBQ. The bike consisted of: Biker and pillion Backpack on rider (and in my face), filled with burgers and salad Top box filled with disposable BBQ, drink and blanket Portable speakers and CD player, mounted onto the handlebars Idiotic teenagers... The handlebar mounted music was pointless as neither of us could hear it about 20mph. Still, we made it to our destination - and the trip home was far easier!! Needless to say, that bike was soon traded in for something bigger!
  14. Hey guys, so I'm counting down the days until I get to collect my YBR125 at the end of this week! It's been such a long passion of mine to ride motorbikes, but before I knew it work, cars and a house got in the way.... Anyway, here I am at 27, getting my first bike! I can't wait to get out and practice so I can work towards my full licence next year. So, help inspire me to get the most out of my (speed devil) 125, and share some cool stories about your first bikes - what was your first bike? Did you go on any mammoth trips? Find yourself riding in crazy weather for the first time? Etc... I'm hoping I'll be able to share my own stories in the not too distant future...
  15. XJ6 is the bike I'm aiming for once I have my full licence. Still not decided whether I want the naked or faired model yet.
  16. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm planning on booking my theory soon - just waiting for the arrival of my 125 so I can go out and play...
  17. Hey and welcome! I was talking to my neighbour today who told me about his test from back in the day - literally just had to ride round a car park left four times, and then right four times! Greatly different to now! I too have just done my CBT, saving up for a 125 before I tackle my full test. Unlike you I don't have any previous biking experience but am also loving it! Well done for climbing back onto two wheels
  18. Wow... Drink has made this even more amusing!
  19. Defo, you just want something you can get out and enjoy. Plus if it's slow, then it'll spur you along for the full test Good luck with the CBT, and also the SR project - I'm looking forward to seeing developments!
  20. Thanks for the welcome and useful information, I'll certainly bear that in mind as it is a new bike. By all accounts I've heard that the stock tyres aren't all that anyway so will ensure I'm extra safe in the wet until I can afford a better set!
  21. Ahh cool, well if you're happy doing the restricted full licence then I don't really think it'll affect you all that much. You can find out some more here: http://www.90-one.com/testchange.html. It's not the easiest thing to understand that's for sure! The instructors who took me through my CBT said they found these changes a little confusing too! I did my CBT on a CG125, but I preferred the look of the YBR. The aim of the bike is to just build up my experience so I can work towards my full licence - I know it's not the fastest 125 out there, but I can't wait to get my hands on it!
  22. Hey Lee, welcome! I'm also new to the forum, getting a YBR125 next weekend so I can also work towards my full license. One thing to just be aware of - I believe licenses are changing in January 2013, meaning DAS minimum age increases to 24. So unfortunately you may well find yourself having to do a restricted full license if you're looking to do it at 21. Sorry if I'm wrong on that... Anyway, I'm really liking your SR mock-up!
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