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  1. bippo

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Same as Finnerz - I know a lot of people who recommend them. I don’t think it’ll be a bad buy, Slice.
  2. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    If you like that style, maybe try Givi? I just Googled on my work laptop and saw model number ST607 which is a shell design. Looks quite big (tall) though.
  3. bippo

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    I think Kriega sell something which may work? Don’t know if they can be left on the bike (and if they could whether someone would want to pinch it?) If I do need additional storage then I just use a roll bag on the back, but as Blackie alluded to, depending on the bike / size of pack it can be an art getting on. I tend to mount my bike like you would a horse when it’s fully loaded. A tank bag has my essentials in for quick access, but I don’t need to remove mine during petrol stops.
  4. bippo

    Biker down course

    Been meaning to go on one of these, Drewpy - something for this year perhaps...
  5. bippo

    Ear protection

    I’ve got the C4. Certainly quieter than my old flip (Caberg) and more streamline - but never going to be as quiet as a non-flip. I tried on the cheaper C3 at the same time but opted for the other one because it actually felt more comfortable - plus I liked the fact the intercom wiring was all internal. Sizing between the two was different (for me anyway at least).
  6. Really sorry to hear that, Blackie...
  7. bippo

    Ear protection

    I never got on with those cheap foam ones. Have been using slightly more expensive, Alpine ones which are comfortable and good at dampening noise. Had them for years and have faired well. Earplugs are an odd one really - I love them on motorway trips and they genuinely help lessen fatigue on a long trip, but I don’t much enjoy them when paying for fuel or when I used to commute into central London as I felt one of my senses was missing. Anyway I’ve now stuck the largest, ugliest screen onto my already ugly BMW so that helps loads! Haha Oh and I found that different helmets make a big difference. When I upgraded I noticed a big reduction.
  8. bippo

    YOC Ride 3000

    Sounds good. This year I’ve signed up to get the list of destinations that the UK Iron Butt lot would have chosen from during a 48 hour rally last year. The destinations are all across the UK (about 90 in total) and the aim is to complete as many as possible throughout the year. I have to take a pic at each destination.
  9. Great, thanks for the update. I should be allowed to book my June annual leave soon enough.
  10. bippo

    Hi all

    Welcome, and Happy New Year!
  11. Yay! Congratulations!
  12. bippo


    Wishing all you guys a fabulous Christmas! I’m playing Santa tomorrow and delivering some family presents on my bike. It’s not been used since Germany where it got absolutely filthy (you can barely tell it’s original colour...!) I’m expecting some additional camping gear for Christmas. I was lucky enough to finally get a proper textile suit earlier this year (Rukka) so that’s my main Christmas and Birthday present for the next few years...!
  13. bippo

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    I’m back safe and sound from Germany - got off lightly with the weather, but my bike is filthy. Also managed to try out my horn and am happy to report that it works! I was in lane one of the M1 and could see a distracted van driver in lane three who drifted to lane two with no indication. He then did the same with my lane - right by my side. A swift toot on my horn and it was enough to wake him up and make him stay in his lane. My stock horn would have been washed out by the speed. [emoji41]
  14. bippo

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Ahh cool - yeah it’s a simple, cheap mod. I managed to install mine with the fairing still on but thankfully my hands are small...!
  15. bippo

    Denali Soundbomb Mini

    Yeah Slice - the largest one they sell definitely wouldn’t fit on my bike. I think they’d be better suited to a large adventure or naked bike. I dread to hear how loud they are! I foolishly tested mine in my lock-up (metal shipping container) with the door pulled closed. My ears were ringing for a while after...!
  16. Hey all - just wondering whether any of you have bothered to fit a louder horn onto your bikes at any point? I’m not really one to go around tooting at everyone and anyone, but particularly during the winter months I like to know I can be as obvious to people as possible if needed. Anyway - I’m heading to Germany this weekend on the bike and took the opportunity to buy one of these Soundbomb Mini horns. For under £30, and a direct replacement, I thought it was worth a shot. My bike is a sports tourer (and a BMW), so direct replacement it was not. I needed to buy an additional wire so that it would work with the CAN bus and then bend the metal bracket somewhat to ensure it would fit without hitting the fairing. But with that done the results were obvious enough to get a thumbs up from me. Basically the horn is more on par with a car horn. About twice as loud as the standard bike horn and a deeper tone so my bike doesn’t sound as camp. I did take a before and after video of the horn, but it doesn’t do it justice.
  17. bippo

    Site back up

    Ahh I did wonder - good job, Alex [emoji106]
  18. Welcome along. I wear a neck warmer- you can get some which have a waterproof shell. Failing that, get a Merino Wool one as that’ll still keep you warm when it does get wet. Some jackets come with removable Gore-Tex neck wraps which would do the job the best I would say. However, I have one with my jacket but never use it as it looks like movement would be restricted somewhat...!
  19. Sounds good - and with a B&B attached it should cater for all of our needs! We’d be staying during peak season so happy to send a deposit if we need to secure the booking.
  20. I can’t book my annual leave that far in advance - but shouldn’t be a problem!
  21. bippo

    Would you believe it.

    Glad it got diagnosed, Cynic - well done for speaking up in order to get checked out. A friend of mine did similar a couple of years back (re. feeling lethargic) and it was that which caused them to find cancer. You never know what could be lurking. I’ll confess to not knowing much about diabetes, but stick with the diet change and try not to see it as a burden. Someone at my old school has diabetes, but has never been able to “embrace” it. Below-the-knee leg amputation, blindness to the point where she has one glass eye, and many other complications means she doesn’t work and can’t lead much of a life. I don’t really have sympathy for her as these have been self-inflicted by her not able to accept the lifestyle changes required. As Katie said - check specific charities for guidance and support. They may even hold evening talks where you can get your own questions answered? Seeing a nutritionist on help with recipes and meal plans could also take the stress away for you.
  22. I popped the Pilot Streets onto my YBR. Much better than the originals and quite confidence inspiring when I was starting out.
  23. I popped the Pilot Streets onto my YBR. Much better than the originals and quite confidence inspiring when I was starting out.
  24. Wellcome! I started off with a YBR, great little bikes.
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