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  1. Cheers Noise! Haha oh dear, now you've said that I can't stop thinking how long it looks. That's just the stock mirror flipped on the quick mockup though I'd be looking to get a small circular one. I know yeah! I think I'll probably do it quite ratty at first, well just rough to get it looking how I want it. Then I'll get a quote for powdercoating etc see if it's worth it. My mates gonna do the olive drab paint job though. That's probably gonna be the first I'd do along with ripping the seat off. I've been looking at the RSX100's though too now. Little two-strokes. Anyone had one of those? They look like a lot of fun! After hearing about the age restriction being bumped up for the bike test I'm not sure if I should wait and save for a bigger bike, and do my tests now? Could get a SR250, or save for an XS/SR400 if they're under 33bhp/25kW? Decisions! Glad I don't have the money just yet so I have some time to think about it. Definitely want something in this sort of shape though so I can do this kind of build!
  2. mynameislee

    The ghost page

    Skimmed through this thread and this sentence almost had me in tears. I have no idea why. Found it hilarious. I blame the thriller cat.
  3. Haha, exactly, yeah! Thanks. Will keep you updated.. Been looking at parts all day! Enjoy your YBR when it arrives! Hopefully the weather will be decent.
  4. Haha! Thanks. Yeah, that's just the front guard flipped and trimmed too. It's the roughest little mockup ever. I want an actual bike to play with instead of using Photoshop. Ah thank you! I'll check that out now. Yeah, I'm not after speed atm either, SR125s are one of the slowest out there I think haha. I just want something to rip apart and get used to maintaining! Gonna have a look at the CBT availability tomorrow see if I can get that booked.
  5. Thanks everyone.. Been having a look around the forums and enjoying what I've seen so far! Ah! Really.. I had no idea If I had the money for the test now I'd probably do that and get a 33bph bike... I'll probably end up doing the test on the 125, and keeping that for the two years I'll be restricted and save for a bigger bike. Unless the restriction has gone up too? I'll have to look into it more. Thanks for the info though! They have YBRs at the test centre I'll be doing my CBT at so will be riding one of them for that. Look like really nice bikes! Thanks! Yeah I will be doing that instead tried it on the mockup and the spokes suit the look a lot more. Can't wait to get started on it! Just have to wait to get my student loan at the beginning of September I wanted to splash my savings out on it this week but thats for a holiday, and my girlfriend would of killed me if I did that! haha. When I do get started, I'll start a post in the project section!
  6. Hi I'm Lee. 20 y/o student from Derbyshire, UK. I had a moped when I was 16, and a lil PY90 when I was about 13! I'm a complete noob to bikes but would love to get my head around them while I'm still young.. Passed my car test 2 years ago, but still cant afford to insure.. Going to redo my CBT soon and am on the look out for a starter bike. I was thinking about getting a cheap 125 for now and run that on L plates until I'm 21 and then take the test so I'm not limited to a 33bhp bikes for 2 years. So for now, been looking at a few 125s. Cheapest I've found are the SR 125's and I think they have the potential to give me some experience in maintaining etc. I've done a really quick little Photochop of what I would want to do to an SR if I was to get one! Like I said I'm a complete noob so dunno how I'ma do this yet or if it would even be possible! So, before... And, after: Something like that anyway! The registered trademark logo is there because my second name begins with R and thought it'd be pretty cool. Big fan of the olive drab paint and bobber/cafe racer looks. Thoughts on the SR125 for a first bike? I'll just use it until I can afford to take my test and get a bigger bike..
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