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  1. Name: Yamaha Midnight Star 1300A (2012)<br />Date Added: 17 November 2012 - 02:21 AM<br />Owner: Mad Dog 40<br />Short Description: None Provided<br /><br />View Vehicle
  2. Just checked on How Many Left there's 570 XVS Midnight Star 1300cc on the road at present. Not as many as I thought there would have been.
  3. Mad Dog 40

    XVS 1100

    Hi Guys just sold my XVS Dragstar Classic 1100cc A spec today it was second hand when I bought it in 2007 on a 2005 plate just sold it to a dealer full loaded for £3,400 had just over 5350 miles on the clock only had 800 when I brought it. I paid same dealer £5200 in 2007. But I have put loads of extras on it. Great bike got over 125 mph out of it. No mods done never let me down. Sorry to see it go. You can get at least 6000 miles out of your Dunlop tyres.make sure you keep them slighty over inflated But just brought a 2nd hand XVS 1300cc Midnight Star
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