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  1. Hi all Another total n00b question... I'm looking to change the pegs on my XVS125, should I be looking somewhere special for bits for my bike or just something that fits? Are there specific brands (like with gear & lids) that I should look for / avoid? Many thanks M
  2. Thanks all. It's more an Haynes manual that I was looking for, got the owners manual direct from the Yamaha website. I'll look a bit harder and see what these Clymer manuals have. Cheers M
  3. Hi I've been looking at the Haynes manual site and eBay for a hard copy of a service manual for the XVS125 Dragstar, but I can't even find the exsistence of such a manual! Does anyone know if a manual exists for the XVS125 and if so, where I can buy one? If it doesn't exist, is there a manual about for a similar bike (Virago?) that I can buy in it's place? This is all new to me and I'd like to know my bike better. Many thanks Mark
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Need to learn all about cleaning her and making sure that I can fend off some of the rust that is about in patches.
  5. Hi all Thought I'd say a quick "Hi". I've just bought my first bike, a Yamaha XVS 125 Drag Star, only had a licence for about a year and completed CBT last October. It's all new to me, but loving every minute on the bike, the feeling of freedom is fantastic! Cheers Mark
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