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  1. Just gone out to it & now its only the dipped working. the dash beam lights still on & the switch isnt bringing up full beam. So first i think ill get a new bulb & go from there & check connectors
  2. ok, so i rode my bike today and the lights have been playing up! the bikes a 2008 yamaha xt125x completly standard. It has side lights for when the ignitions on but not the engine, then dipped & full beam. The only light thats coming on is the side beam & the full beam dash light is constantly on!? when i flick the switch between dipped & full nothing happens? Sometimes it comes back to life & works or the full beam light will start flickering. I have no idea where to start looking for a fault as im no electritian!! Has anybody got any ideas? luke
  3. Another thing.... went and got a new plug for the bike (exactly the same as whats in there, CR6HSA) but when i looked up the GAP on the ngk website the recommended plug for the bike is a ngk cr7hsa....will this matter much?
  4. im down in sunny dorset! haha bit hard to loose weight cause im a rugby player so most of its muscle not fat. & i just wear a jacket, its not very baggy & it fits quite well. BUUUUUT! its all ok now!!! i went out riding with a yamaha xt660x and he asked my topspeed & i said about 55. on a straight he said to go full pelt & his speedo was reading about 68 and mine was saying 55! took it to the poole yamaha dealer & apparently the bike can 2 different wheel sizes (mine being the smaller set) so when i was doing 30mph i was actually doing 40....good luck i hadnt been through any speed cameras yet! so when i got home i disconnected the battery, left it for 30minutes, connected it all back up & held in the blue computer button on the bars when the letters on the screen said ntrd....or sommit instead of endr. Then took it for a test drive and hit 68 on a slight downhill with a strong head wind! which i wouldnt say is too bad for a completly stock bike & one with only 10hp! cheers for the help though guys
  5. mines an 08 model without any mods. im getting it serviced soon so ill see what Yamaha say
  6. Mines only getting to 51mph though! It runs fine it just doesnt make sense
  7. Hi, just got my xt125x today and took it for a ride. Everyone was saying i should be getting at least 70 with it but on the longest bit of road there is i only got 51mph!!! i weigh 13.5 stone so i dunno if weight makes much of a difference? but does anybody have any ideas of how to get a higher top speed either cheaply or just by fiddling about!?
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