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  1. out of interest matey did your lads have the square connectors? and did you find one with spair connectors?
  2. here it is .. and here is the odd CDI block... the connectors are a mystery...
  3. just done that, sorry ive been a while , now the neutral light is staying on... seems to lead back to my cdi .. also the flasher relay has gone.. got the bugger bump started, runs lumpy and wont idle you need to keep the revs up
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-SR125-1996-CDI-unit-breaking-complete-bike-/110840912103?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item19cea218e7#ht_893wt_1114 would this be ideal? i assume pre 97' parts will work?
  5. thanks buddy will see what i can pull off
  6. after 30 hours in my workshop ive got to this stage -recieved bike -replaced all missing bolts/parts taken off and not put back on -bought new battery and installed -discovered knacked solenoid -repaired the starter motor -discovered weak spark heres the bag, when i short the solenoid the engine tries to turn over and a few times has nearly fired, i need to check and clean the connections to the ht coil , buy a new gasket set and solanoid. But theres an occasional drip from the carb so it maybe a case of the fuel mix not correct and weak spark? am i running along the right lines? jay
  7. spent many a day down there, except when i was a kid we used to play in the depot nearby i do miss living there, but my rocker roots are preston based!
  8. managed to repair one broken one, now she's trying to kick over, so i think its the solenoid and and a weak spark issue. will try to find somewhere that sells them though jay
  9. ey up you lot im jay , 18 and just bought my first yam. Its an sr125 1992 non runner. anyway im a lancs lad, always had a mechanical interest and always wanted a bike. after some help in the garage section if you lads could take a look thanks jay
  10. hey still need to introduce myself but where can i find carbon brushes for my starter motor, just cleaned the thing down (black as 'owt) and now needs one new brush. any ideas? thanks jay
  11. bought as non runner project , bought a new battery, charged and fitted. Pressed starter button and starter turned over for 20 secs , i let go of the button, tried again several times and starter motor would not turn , could hear starter solenoid clicking. Help please want to get on the road asap thanks jay
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