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  1. Hi AirHead, Thanks for the welcome. I'll get around to sticking a picture of her up tonight. Is it not the typical man thing to do? The search to squeeze every last cc out of the engine safely (or not). On another forum I'm on someone put NOS on there's :-s Now that's a bit too far for me haha, I can't even imagine hitting the power band and then hitting the nos. Poor little engine. But I was just curious reallly.
  2. Hey Sacha, Thanks for the welcome. Yeah i know it might get overlooked, i read the it was more of a overview of what i would like to do than a plea for help but I just started typing and got a bit carried away.
  3. Hey Guys, How's everyone doing? Liberating my Mk1 '86 RD125LC from the depths of my garage where its been in storage for the last 6 or so years. Spent a weekend de-gunking her and resetting the carb/floats, stripping the carb completely. Checking jetting and the likes. Before she was stored i had a major problem of bogging in 3/4 to full throttle. Which is a problem when that powerband is just so damn addictive. Its obvious now im a little older and wiser what was wrong. The air mix screw was stuck to such an extent that it took hacksawing a new groove into it to get a bit more purchase onto it. Also a couple of brass nipples had fallen off leaving holes in the side of the carb and causing the mix to be even more off. So she's back running now, with some fresh fuel in her. I think i'm lucky she's not seized to be honest. So where too from here, i hear you ask? Well i've tried to sell her twice but just couldn't bring myself round to letting her go. She was my first real bike and got me off public transport. Plus she's worth a hell of alot more now then when i got her. I would like to have her as a regular run around as i'm putting alot of small miles too and from work on my car, and its not good for a diry diesel. So i've been franticly researching the past few weeks to see what i can do in the way of upgrades to get her back on the road and running sweet. I've heard you can rebore and get a DT200 piston to fit. Although im not sure of the gains from this. I hope there are some knowledgeable RD enthusiasts on here. Dan
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