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  1. I had to same problem a few months ago on my FJ600. If I remember correctly it was an engine out job. All the Best
  2. Now sorted out. I had not earthed out the regulator out correctly to the frame. A chance comment from a friend this morning & its job done
  3. I am hoping someone can help. Should the rectifer / regulator on my XJ600 51J get very hot. I have a charging problem. Battery when engine off. 12.5 volts, start the engine it drops to 11.99 volts, put the lights on it drops further to 11 volts. Turn the engine off & the battery climbs back up to 12.5 volts. As the unit gets very hot I am thinking that maybe a fault. Gentlemen your thoughts please.
  4. I wonder if anyone can help. I am refitting the wiring harness on my 51J XJ600, its nearly all done but I cannot find a home for a single white wire ( in a black sleeve ). The wire appears to come from the bottom of the sump but I cannot find on the loom where it plugs into. I must get a Haynes manual for it or at least a wiring diagram. Many thanks
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