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  1. I had a similar problem with a TZR, it always happened when it was wet. I tried everything with the electrical and fuel system but to no avail, I was truly baffled! The cause had nothing to do with the electrials or fuel, it was water getting under the throttle grip and the throttle closing of its own accord without me being aware of it. As someone posted earlier, it could possibly be something very trivial!
  2. Had my '89 model off the clock a couple of times (90+mph), usual mods, power valve fully open, full DEP sport etc. The key for me was to actually LOWER the gearing and increase acceleration, the engine was never able to pull sixth gear until I did so. I also found the DEP pipes were not much better than standard, even after tinkering with the jetting! What a great bike, preferred it to the much sportier TZR250! Now I need another!
  3. So the bike runs normally when you bump start it except for it not being able to idle and erratic power delivery? On a seperate note, it sounds as if the YPVS isnt working correctly either, possibly due to lack of electric current reaching the servo. Has the bike been de-restricted by earthing the rev limiter circuit? If so, a dodgy earth could be causing these problems... Just an idea, as I am not familiar with these newer models with the electric start! List of possible causes from the workshop manual: The ignition system fails to operate (no spark or intermittent spark). 1. Main and ignition fuses 2. Battery 3. Spark plug 4. Ignition spark gap 5. Spark plug cap resistance 6. Ignition coil resistance 7. Main switch 8. Engine stop switch 9. Neutral switch 10. Sidestand switch 11. Pickup coil resistance 12. Wiring connections (of the entire ignitionsystem)
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