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  1. Any chance of getting all the plastics in white for a dt125lc 1982??? Mudguards, side panels. Headlight cowling.ect
  2. I'm in basingstoke, I would gladly pay the fee. I don't have the reg! That's what I'm trying to get. Can you find the reg with the numbers I sent you in a pm?? Appreciate it if you can?
  3. that would be great, any chance of some contact details? in a pm if private..how much will it cost? any more details you could give me? thanks alot for ya help.. should have a thanks button after each answer..
  4. i dont have the v5 no..thats what im trying to get thanks..i was told by the police last night? and also looked on the net in a forum..so there is hope?
  5. sorry to hijack the thread, i have the same problem, i just bought a dt125lc with no paperwork. i have the frame 9 digit number on the forks,and the engine number.(which both match) but have been told i cannot find out anything without the reg??? how and where do i go about finding the reg?? and to check if its stolen? went to police station to try,cant do nothing....help!!
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