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  1. Hi Guys and Girls, After doing some hard work getting my bike going again, l found out that my front brake master cylinder for my 1997 xj600s is seized. What l first thought was the caliper (Got two pistons on this cailper by the way), after unbolting the caliper off the bike removing the pads and using G-clamps to get them moving by pushing the pistons in and was going to pump them out again using the brake lever and found out l didn't need to because as the piston on one was going in the other one was coming out lol, So using two G-clamps l put it all back together however as l was going to test them using the brake lever l found out it was not moving? I put the caliper back on the bike and looked at the master cylinder brake lever, I undid the banjo nut for the brake line and tryed to pump the lever. nothing came out..... l took the master cylinder off the bike and was striping it down to have a look, (using a haynes book) l got as far as getting the pushrod out but can't get the piston assembly or spring out??? Any ideas thats not with a air line (have tryed but can't get the perssure up on compressor so will try again with a different one and make a contector to fit the banjo hole), tryed soaking it in WD40 overnight with no luck and l don't want to drill and having reweld the other end. As far as l can tell the piston assembly itself is seized, looking though the banjo hole at the spring end, it looks free just stuck behide the piston. Tryed pushing it in to get it moving but can't? Also been looking on Ebay for a master cylinder repair kit for this, l found older models but not this year 1997 will they fit? or does anyone know of a different bike kit will. It will be helpful as my search engine not coming up with much just mainly Ebay lol. Did buy a 2nd hand master cylinder off Ebay however it a 92 unit, it looked like it should fit my bike (will find out when l get it, lol) but guessing/hoping the piston assembly ok in that one, be handy if l can still use this one as it a shame to just bin it. Thanks for any ideas or just reading this lol, Thinking of hot oil may do the trick? has anyone done this? Mmmmmm (Thinking) strong bar with hot oil and a long G-clamp???? (would need a good clean after) I'll let you know which one l use or if l get it unstuck. Nick.
  2. Great show so far, can't remember for sure but l think l saw somewhere they plan this show for 10 seasons, hope so. great story lines, not that l'm looking at something to blonde.......
  3. I can't find anything after l moved things out the front room lol, in draws, cardboards, spare room. should put it all in one room only but l don't, trying 2 find it all now. You know how it is, buy something thinking l'll do that, fit that tomorrow but you don't, someone comes around quick move it, ohhhh l'll just put it there. Damm where is it. I need that now crap l got to buy another. Just a thought, write a parts list?
  4. Yippeee............. MY BIKE GOT LIFE AGAIN, after learning how to use the Ohms reading the night before lol (lowest setting by the way....well on mine 20k), l used my new skill by doing some tests, I removed the TPS (throttle postion sensor) and checked it on a bench, l used a alan key as a throttle (0 to 60, 1 second lol) it was ok so l put it back on the carbs and adjusted it to the Book settings, (5000RPM) and as l had the tank, seat, airbox, and most of the covers off l thought to check the coils, relays aswell as the battery, all was fine by the way. Only the TPS setup was out on RPM when it was on the carbs before l cleaned them (Said l did this in the above text). I then recleaned the spark plug (well more of a wipe off) and checked the gaps, next l emptyed the float bowls on the carbs watching the fuel refill them using just the clear plastic pipe, l did this 2 times to each carb, l did notice the 2nd time the fuel seamed to drain out quicker. When l was all ready l sprayed some carb cleaner this time into the carbs and fired it up....... life and l did get some revs this time before cutting out, l started it again this time with carb cleaner at hand and sprayed the cleaner into the carbs as l was revving the throttle, l had to keep the revs above 2000rpm at first until the fuel in the pipe ran out. (did stop it just before) The last few things l did was flush out the fuel filter, pump the emptyed the petrol tank taking the tap off. (after all l just got the bike going again) I put it all back together so it looked like a bike again and not just bits. With fresh fuel in the tank started the bike, at first the bike was crappy Revs up and down however as l held the revs up the bike got better and better. To be honest l don't know why it didn't restart after it cut out before, l left it over winter because of the bad weather, it may have been just one problem that turned into Ten lol, my problem was fuel and elec's. (1) Fuel ran low had to put onto Res tank, this may have picked up crap in the bottom of tank that went into carbs. (2) Filled up with some BAD Fuel. (3) TPS set up was wrong, unable to fire at the right time. (4) Blocked pipe fuel/air (5) Just unluckly. I still have to do a few things to get this bike onto the road again namely a new MOT, l will have to get the carbs tuned, oil change, also l got a sticking front brake to get unstuck hopefully very soon. I hope this will help someone else having problems and give you ideas to fix it, All l can say to you is,,,, Don't give up... give it a go yourself, get a book and ask for HELP friends/online friends. The information there to teach yourself, you may learn something new, l did. Happy Biking open roads.
  5. Hi all, just a quick note, the batery on charge so hav'nt tryed hard to start the bike as it stands as l didn't have a full battery yet, however did have a look at the TPS and found problems going by the Haynes Book, l found out the TPS setup is wrong, (like this when l bought the bike) by turning on the ignition and unplugging the TPS (this put it into test mode) l saw that the RPM showing 3000rpm when it should be 5000rpm so l will adjust that asap. As l need to adjust it anyway l will take it off and take it a table to get better readings, trying to holding different things and do the throttle half hang over the bike was fun Not. Hopefully have better reading and see if any dead spots later. Nick.
  6. Hi guys, Update so far. l had a time tonight before it got to dark and took the cover off to see the wires (no tester yet just looked to see anything burned, losse or not working when they should be by giving them a giggle), as far as l can tell they all ok apart from one, which as l moved it seamed to kick up the fuel pump? could be a losses wire, not on the pump itself but inside the block it plugs into, will have a closer look when off again. l opened the petrol filler cap and had a look, could not see anything of a vent tube however seen what looked like 2 small black open blocks just by the hinge? is this it? well they was clear anyway. I bypassed the fuel pump with a clear tube straight from the tank (the tanks off by the way lol) onto the carb inlet as l thought the fuel pump may have a fault the comes and goes. l got all the air bubbles out of the tube and left the fuel filler cap open and tryed to start the bike with the help of some easy start down the carb tubes, The bike started after a few turns YIPeeeee, then cut out as before DOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The bike fires up on the starting button however before l can Rev the bike it dies again ( it done this a few times before the battery went flat again. As far as l saw the clear fuel tube that l am using it didn't drop much of fuel, So l guess it worked in part. I'm starting to think that its still the carbs, something l didn't see when l took them a part (Yes l took them a part fully both sides however l didn't pull them a part to each of the 4 units and from what l saw of them they was clean inside after and nothing blocking one to the other that l saw) thinking aswell the TPS throttle position sensor maybe faultly (as l ruled out the fuel pump and tank by bypassing them with the pipe) l'll do a resistance test ASAP as l got a book to go by when off again. Is there a easy way to tell if the carbs themselfs are no good? it all looked good to me, all the parts that should move did and springs came back tight that needed to, didn't see anything worn out or bent. I'll take the reading of the TPS and see what that tells me and go on from there. Thanks to all that given there penny of thought and ideas to help. Hopefully l Will get her going again and be on two wheels soon and this will help someone else. Nick.
  7. Thanks Airhead, got to recheck the plug gaps so may aswell do both. Nick
  8. Thanks Wil, will try and find it. The relay assembly, is there a starter relay? as l think l read it somewhere but it didn't say which one the was. Nick
  9. Thanks Guys giving me some ideas, Tommy. was going to give it a oil change when it all went tits up on me, Was using SAE 20w40, hav'nt thought about looking into the oil itself yet however will have a closer look, l'll order a oil filter as it needs to be done. (would like to get the engine warm before doing this) As to the fuel tap, l always had it on Normal and never let it get to Res again after that 1st time. Have tryed Normal, Prime and Res, trying to restart it. Mike. never looked at the vent on the fuel filler cap to be honest, So l'll look at that asap, give it a go with cap open aswell. you never know lol. Blackhat. Yes there is a spark, tryed that with the spark plug on the head. the plugs was wet however only with fuel not oilly or dirty, a quick wipe and they was like new again. (did try again after lol and will recheck the plugs again to check the gaps again) just a Note the bike has never backfired even when trying to restart it, tryed full throttle and letting go. Neversaydie. The battery had been fully charged (it was also new by the way about 6 months old before this) before l kepted draining it by trying to start the bike and having to recharge it (guessing l get another one after for backup). The bike didn't bump start (not good at bumping bikes but did try) l not tryed again since cleaning the carbs (the bike is in the back garden so not a lot of room) Was thinking of bypassing the fuel pump with a pipe and coke bottle straight to the carbs, so this will bypass the fuel pump (would this be the same as full Prime on all the time?) Also be looking into the Earth leads and connections, no harm giving them a clean (well the one l can find lol) all the fuses look ok at the moment, will be putting a tester on them to see they are not live as l only checked the fuses was not blown. A friend said something about sticking valves? The bike HAS started just cut out again........... Well will keep trying a few things when off work and let you lot know. thanks for your time. Nick.
  10. Hi scarfacetm, any luck on getting the bike started, l seam to be having the same sort of problem?
  11. Hi Guys, Can anyone give me a few ideas, l would be grateful. I got a Yamaha Diversion P reg xj600s thats not starting, My problems started the last time l was riding it home from work. It started up fine and l allowed it to warm up before riding it, when l got near to home, the bike just lossed power, l tryed to rev it as it was still going along but it still died. I Parked the bike ,on the side of the road with drivers going passed laughing, I looked inside the tank to make sure l had fuel which was about half a tank (did try res aswell). Tryed to restart it until battery died, thought to try to bump start it by going up a hill near by (pushing it up hill was no fun with on my bike gear on) still no good trying to bump it going down hill but was better as l didn't have to push it lol. Well l got it home after no luck and charged the battery up overnight only for it to died the next day before it got my bike started. This could of happened before however l was low on fuel before it cut out, l put it on res, started it up and went to the petrol station about a mile down the road and filled it up. It was abit rough to be honest on res tank and thought that was bits of crap in the bottom of tank. l took the tank off and emptyed it out on one of my off days and put new fuel in, new spark plugs and air filter about two months before all this happened again. Since then, l have taken apart the carbs (looking at a book as l go) as l thought no fuel was getting to the carbs and to see if anything was blocked and apart from the float bowls had a bit of gluely crap in at the top and two of the drain holes blocked, the carbs looked clean (will need to replace the carb boots when l get this going again, small tears on top lip of boots). The bike turns over fine and seam to want to fire up and has done just to cut out after starting a few secs later by the losse of power?, Looked at fuel pump it seams to be working (well it did pump out when l had the pipe off, bucket Quick lol) I'm not sure wear to look now, guessing elecs but not sure what l'm looking at. Coils, box, wires? The Kill button and side stand looks like they are working as the bike will not turn over with them on/down. If anyone can give me some pointers as l don't mind getting my hands dirty, you be a star, as l like do some ride out this year and meet other members on a ride-a-long. Many thanks for looking/reading and helpful ideas about this problem. Thanks Nick.
  12. Just a interesting point l found out today, guess bikes will be the same. My car insurance just ran out and l didnt like it to be renewed just yet (low funds) as its the middle of month and l dont get paid until the end of month and thought l'll just use my bike. Insurance complany told me l need to let DVLA know, ok l thought no problem, do it online? didnt find anything to SORN about insruance just Road Tax (yes did see MIB site). phone them up about it and found out, l will have to send my road tax back to make a SORN, What this is crazy? I know about TAX you can renew it or kept it off the road and SORN it, but insurance? l dont know when l'll get insurance for it hopefully end of month or next. I can get the money tomorrow if need to but just waiting until payed again. Told them what l'm planning to do just wait a few weeks (todays the 15th by the way) I was ask if l had a letter about it yet and l said No, I dont want to give the tax disc back as l may just get insurance for it in the next few days/weeks and be stuck without road tax then. Was told this is a bit of a GREY area for what l do, did push for a better answer (not a lot of help) but for what l understand l can try my luck and wait until payed again to get insurance or make a SORN now and lose 15 days of road tax anyway. That also mean not only will l have to get insurance, l will have to get road tax aswell. WTF. If l get the letter 1st about it then l must SORN it anyway ASAP.
  13. Its going to be a tight fit, but see if you can get to the carb throttle lever themself (the part where the cable meets the carbs) and rev them from there, that way you see if its the throttle cable or not?
  14. Hi Davyb got a few problems myself but would say. Start the bike as normal and try only pulling out the choke cable in and out, if fine try the throttle. if one sticks and other don't maybe just the cables.
  15. Name: Yamaha XJ600s (1996) Date Added: 08 August 2012 - 01:09 AM Owner: Nick-skrike Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  16. Hi Will, its nice to know l'm not the only one doing it then, lol. Will keep a look out for a answer for it, Just had a good weekend away with friends so have'nt sorted out the little problems on bike, not planning on going anywhere so got a few more days yet. Got my new fuel filter now, just need the bloody weather good and time to do it.
  17. Hi Dirty DT and Noise thanks for the welcome, Yeah l am interested in doing a few bike rides Noise or meet ups, just nice to get out when the weathers good and not working lol. I think you be leaving me for dust if you did that but l should keep up, lol.
  18. Well if fuel not getting to the carbs then bypass the tank with a bottle and tube into the carbs, also have you tryed putting a few drops of oil down the spark plug holes as you may not be getting full compression on start up. Wd40 on the screws and wait. If you not got a manaul for your bike any motorbike manaul would help in the back for troubleshooting. have a look at the fuel filter aswell maybe blocked.
  19. Hi all may aswell put my penny in, lol. l know you said you got a new battery but have you checked to see how many volts it got, new or old it still could be bad battery. Will need the full 12volts after charging to help start it, if below ( like 10 volts) you may need more powerful battery. You said it has fired but not started is that fuel cock tap working on main and reserve tank? is fuel getting to the carbs? is the chock working aswell? . have you checked all the spark plugs for a good spark in each. If you got a good spark in each its could be fuel, if not wiring. try a volt meter and test bulb. you could also get a spark plug tester.
  20. Forgot to say that my hands do get tired from riding, seams like l am pushing on the handlebars sometime, not sure if it the way l am sitting on the bike or the handlebar angle? Is this a problem with bike or me?
  21. Hi all, l got a Green 1996 Yamaha XJ600s with 18000 on the clock, my 1st big motorbike so can't say much about other bikes and to be honest l am very happy with it, l have done a little service on it myself, before buying it l went to the fowlers motorbike shop and sat on all the bike they had to see what bike felt right for me being 6ft. As you may guess it was Yamaha. Would of loved to buy a bike from new but that will have to be the future. Riding my bike feels very good at the moment its all standard but l did put back on the standard side mirrors as the ones on the bike at the time was longer and the wind was pushing them back at speed and l also put on a back rack and big topbox on for my gear. I have opened it up to see whats the top end of it was and l was happy that l was getting over 115mph and holding over 2 or 3 miles and still had a little more throttle to give. (on a dirt lane honest lol) The bike in general feels smooth and it would happy stay around the 50- 70mph all day but not sure if l could, as l do get buffett by the wind a little if going to fast so l noramly just slow down a bit. l did read in the posts above about the ignition keg sticking and looks like mines the same its ok getting the steering lock off but seams to jam up between off and on, have tryed spare key and has been the same. The only other problem l got is the reserve tank not working. Found that out for the 2nd time, the 1st time it happened l put some more petrol in the bike and put it back onto the main tank to get me home. At home l took off the tank as per manaul and emptyed the tank thinking it was water in the bottom of it. The 2nd time it happened l coundn't restart it on Reserve tank and ended up pushing the bike up a hill (yes did say up)to petrol station for more fuel, only to find out that l drained the battery to low to restart and to tried to bump ( did try). l have looked on this site and found out its maybe one of two things. Petrol cock tap blocked or its the fuel filter, thats on order, battery charging. So will run the fuel down more before looking more into tap, will keep posted if works.
  22. Thanks Mike, Gald to know other people with same bike. Bought mine just under 2 years ago, A good run around being 6ft. Its British racing Green colour with black backbox on. Give us a bikers nod if in bristol next.
  23. Hello fellow bikers, l'm still new to bigger bike myself and got myself a 1996 Yamaha XJ600s Diversion which l been riding on when the weather been good (so some of you may understand, no one likes getting wet on a bike lol) l been riding my bike to work and on a few short trips in and around town mostly. l have done a longer trip over 180 miles in one day and have been happy riding it. I joined this site to hopefully meet new people that are up for a bike ride or few that are from Bristol or near by to see whats about and if need to ask for advice if have trouble with my bike, l can't fix (finger crossed). One thing l do like about riding my bike is that, when l see other bikers we give a bikers nod to each other to say hello. All the best Nick.
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