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  1. Haha,thanks mate.really appreciate the help.
  2. Hi all,bike is up and running.All it needed carbs,fuel pump and all fuel system cleaned thoroughly.Thanks to all of you guys for help. Now trying to sort bloody brakes with pistons dead stuck in calipers,what a joke,any ideas on how to get them out?thanks
  3. Hi Nick,thanks for reply.When i try starting the bike battery is always fully charged around 12.8 v. After all kind of checks i've done and with help of you all i thinks its either fuel not getting to carbs or most obvious carbs need proper cleaning.Kind of cleaned them other day but couldn't get to the rear of each carb as screws are dead stuck.So will give it a last go this week.Thanks
  4. Tried again with fully charged battery,didn't want to fire .So tried starting it with Easy Start ,it started kind of running whilst i had Start button on with little throttle,once i released it stopped and didn't run again.Probably dirty carbs at the back need somehow take them apart completely.Any more suggestions?Thanks
  5. Oh,no thats ok. Yes its a vacume pump and unserviceable part unfortunately.Tried cleaning the carbs,cleaned i would say just just front of carbs as couldn't unscrew back of the carbs without completely damaging the screws.So put the bike together again.At first couple attempts it was just started sound then engine was trying to sstart with sounds kind of puf puf puf at which battery started to die,so battery is fully charged today,will try again later .Thanks
  6. Ok,if anyone reading this thread,squirted some carb cleaner in to carbs still attached.(done it lazy way).tried starting the bike,bike started and was running for about 5 seconds->stalled.tried to start it again and there was a big bang some tiny smoke was out of hole in exhaust system hole and smelt carb cleaner.touched the hole with finger and there was some carb cleaner. So i suppose during all 5 secs engine was running on carb cleaner??? So i need to do proper carb overhaul? Thanks
  7. Also if it makes any sense,there is some kind of tiny howling/whistling sound coming out of fuel tank cap now and then
  8. Hi again.Took the fuel pump out,took it apart haven't noticed anything special although i'm not the expert.pump is run by vaccum not electric one.took the fuel hose which goes from pump to the fuel hose joint which is in the middle of 4 carbs.And noticed the plastic kind of plug,plugged in to the fuel hose joint,couldn't see how fuel would go through that plug so took it out.got bike together,started still same problem,not firing,just starter sound.so is it time for carbs to be cleaned?don't think its difficult job but will have to do it on my drive:)
  9. Haven't doneanything on a bike today,but read that fuel tank breather hose IF its plugged can cause bike stalling,is it true?thanks
  10. Got no idea as it was standing for 2 years before i bought it.i removed the spark plugs and squirted some petrol and it fired,so something with fuel distribution
  11. Bike turns over same with wires as they were or connected together,bike just don't want to fire.seems like fuel not getting anywhere.thanks
  12. Checked on xj600 service manual and some over websites ,says it clutch lever safety switch,same i've done with side stand switch as it can be problem.So now on carbs or fuel pump otherwise its mystery.I'm in to the cars,but bikes are more complicated for me as its my first bike.cheers
  13. Hi again all.Drained the carbs today,still can't start it.tomorrow hopefully going to remove carbs completely and try to clean them.Anything esle i should look at ?It feels like no fuel is getting to the engine itself,may the pump be faulty or something like that?thanks
  14. Yeah buddy was thinking about draining them first aswell.Found an unpluged plug near clutch lever,so bypassed them by connecting 2 wires together.still same problem.Side stand a bit greasy too so will try to clean it aswell. Cheers
  15. Yeah you're right was thinking to clean carbs aswell.is it a big job?do i need to dismantle them completely?thanks
  16. No i didn't pal,do you need to press clutch lever when you're starting the bike?(it's my first bike)
  17. Hi Cynic,fuel in a tank is about 2 years old,so i've put 2 gallons of fresh one.still no luck.tried it in RES/PRIME/ON It's my first bike,so thats how i start it:key is on,light neutral went on,pressing button RUN and then START.Oil light comes on,bike's turning over but not starting. Cheers
  18. Battery is new and always fully charged before i try to start the bike,so dunno if it will help?
  19. Hi Sacha,when i try to start ,it just turns over and over and nothing happening.took spark plugs out ,squirted some petrol inside and it fired.It has about 2 gallons in tank.Petcock in ON position. Removed tank today and cleaned couple hoses as thought there is blockage,still no luck. Thanks for reply by the way.
  20. Hi again guys.Having a problem starting the bike.New battery,new plugs but it doesn't fire up.I know its obvious thing after all bike was standing for 2 years,but where should i start?fuel pipes,carbs?Thanks
  21. Yeah,thanks pal will have to sort bike battery charger,saves me spending more if i wreck that new battery.thanks
  22. Yeah think you're right.problem is won't be able to take it for a ride as it has no mot or tax(bought it last week without battery).so just want to see if bike starts and engine running smooth and to see if anything else needed sorting out.Will it hurt a battery if i feel it with acid(and yes it came in separate container) and try to start the bike until i sort th bike charger?thanks
  23. Hi guys,just bought a new bike battery with separate acid pack.Can i charge it with car battery charger?Although did a small research regarding that,want your all opinion aswell as answers to this question are ranging from " Oh yes,if used carefully" to "Oh no you'll explode the battery".Charger itself is Halfords make for engine 1800cc and over.Fast charge rating is 7.5adc,slow/standart 5.5adc Any help is appreciated
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