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  1. Well I managed to put this one to bed. I sourced a second hand calliper from eBay, fitted it, no more leak. Have to admit I wasn't happy at first that I had to buy another calliper but when I read the eBay item description I had to put things into perspective a bit. The calliper came from a MT07 that only had 241 miles on the clock before it was written off. Should the owner of that MT07 ever come across this message I hope you are ok. One again, thank you to all you guys for your help.
  2. Update: Received new hel performance braided hose and bleed nipple. Once I fitted new parts and bled the system I was hoping that would be the end of it, well I was wrong on that one. When I rode my bike home I still found that I had a small leak around the bleed nipple area of the calliper. What I noticed when I removed the old bleed nipple it was rusted at the end of it (which is a bit worrying). I'm thinking when I removed the old nipple and where it has rusted it has pitted the internal thread causing it to leak. So now I have decided to get a 2nd hand calliper from eBay. Lettuce hope this put this to bed once and for all.
  3. Found the cause, there was a slight leek around the bleed nipple so I've ordered a new one and I thought I would treat my MT09 to some Hel Braided hoses in the process. Once again guys, thank you for all your help...it's much appreciated.
  4. Hello Jimmy. i'll post a video tomorrow.
  5. Hello Cynic I've pumped the pedal more than 20 times to take up the slack but still no luck. I would just like to say thank you for the help guys, it's much appreciated.
  6. Hello Slice I didn't dismantle the hose. All I done was release calliper from its holding mount, changed the pads, bolted calliper back onto the mount and bled the brake.
  7. Hello Variomatic I put everything thing back as it should be I even watched a couple of youtube videos to make sure I was doing it right. I've ordered a new braided hose, hopefully that will sort it. Thank you for the help though.
  8. I have taken it apart a couple of times, re-cleaned and re-greased but still no luck. I can't make out why when the calliper is not bolted to mount/slider and just resting on the disc it works perfectly.
  9. Hello Guys It's been a while since I've been on here and I hope you are all well. I'm hoping you can help me on this one because I'm stumped. Bled my rear brake and put new pads in on my MT09, made sure there is no air in the system and pads are seated correctly. As soon as I bolt calliper back on to mount I loose pressure (rear brake doesn't work) but when I unbolt calliper and just rest it on the disc it works perfectly. I've checked for leaks but can't see anything and the piston and piston seal are fine. Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. Sorry Jimmy, should've been more specific, at the moment I only need the torque value for the bolts for the oil pump cover.
  11. Sorry, I mean torque values for tightening.
  12. Hello Chaps Does anyone have the torques values for a Yamaha MT09, cheers guys. It's been a while since I've been on here so I hope everyone one is good.
  13. Hello Again Guys I'm looking for some advice: I want to put a Leo Vince underbody Evo II exhaust on my XJ6. The one thing that worries me is this exhaust has no CAT so I'm concerned it will fail it's MOT. Obviously I don't want the aggravation of removing exhaust every time MOT is due. Has anyone out there in the UK got one of these exhaust on their bike and have you had any issues when taking bike for MOT or has it passed with no problems. Any advice would be very helpful.
  14. Thanks Guys. Sure does make me feel good
  15. thanks pilningas. I've looked through the service manual but can't find what the codes mean.
  16. Hello Again Does anyone know what the diagnostic codes are for Yamaha XJ6N, or where I can get them? I've looked through service manual but no joy.
  17. thanks for advice dt502001 much appreciated.
  18. the replaced fuse did not blow. I will hard wire fan tomorrow, if that works any other suggestions?
  19. Okay, will do. I'm hoping it's not the fan as it is over £250 to replace.
  20. Hello Again Guys I've got a problem with my XJ6N's cooling system. I was on my way to work yesterday and got caught in a bit of traffic when I noticed the fan did not kick in when my bike hits 100 degrees. Once I got to work, I checked the fuse and found that it had blown, I replaced and let bike warn up in the hope fan would come on but it didn't. Any help will be much appreciated.
  21. Hello Guys First let me start of by saying a big thank you to all the guys on this forum for the help I've been given regarding previous post, it's very much appreciated. Anyway...now for the bragging. I have a Yamaha XJ6N with the following mods added to it: R&G Bar End, Evotech Tail Tidy, Evotech Radiator Guard and Evotech Crash Bobbins, Hel Performance Brake Lines, ASV Shorty Clutch and Brake Levers, Genuine Yamaha LED Flashers, Puig Fly Screen, Oberon Racing Foot Pegs, Keis Chicane Heated Grips, Pro Bolt Gold Rear Sprocket Nuts and Gold Pro Bolt Bleed Nipple Dust Covers, I think that's it. When I get a chance I will post some pictures. Now for my next brag. I recently put a post up regarding a knocking I could feel through my left side foot peg. This turned out to be my chain having a seized link. After phoning a couple of garages for quotes (one quote was just over £200) to supply and fit chain and front and rear sprockets, I decided to take on the task myself. I went ahead and ordered a chain breaking and riveting tool, alpha x ring chain and sprockets. After watching a load of videos on the internet to familiarise myself on how to change a chain and sprockets, I felt confident enough to do the job myself (this is the first time I've ever done anything like this). I have to say, it's not that hard as long as you've got the right tools, take your time and you follow the advice given in the online videos. What I'm trying to say is, if your confident enough....do the job yourself, you'll save quite a few pounds. And remember, if you get stuck there's always someone out there who can help you. Remember this is my own opinion only. Obviously, if you don't feel confident, take your bike to an experienced mechanic and let them do it.
  22. New chain and sprocket fitted, no more knocking, smoother gear change and looks good too. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
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