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  1. Just to mention that the yorkhill hospital ( Glasgow )egg run is on this sunday 31st was a good turnout last year so could be even better this year, ( lots of vids on u tube ) 11 o`clock at hospital staff car park.I will be there again as it is a good cause and it is " supposed " to be dry !!.
  2. Any pointers on what do with a new chain? I've read that some riders like to dunk it in engine oil or is it just as good to lubricate with chain oil I always keep an old deep fat fryer that the wife was throwing out put engine oil in it and put on a low heat for an hour or so and the warm oil penetrates the links better than just putting oil on the surface of the chain..
  3. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151799412899867 this is what britain has come to !!
  4. just buy super unleaded at any petrol station as there is no ethanol in high octane fuel --- YET ---
  5. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.. what you need now is one for the other side giving you 3 lights and also look symetrical or disconnect the high beam wire from headlight and wire into the 2 new lamps and use them as high beam ??
  6. big question is ??????? WHERE IS THE OLD ADJUSTER BOLT ????????
  7. can I be totally thick and ask _________ WHAT IS TIT MONDAY ???????????
  8. no cause for complaint on that one ,, sorry he was not being abusive or dangerous just trying to get home like everyone else
  9. even non fault accidents put your insurance up it should not ,, but it does as far as they are concerned you were involved in an accident therefore you are now a higher risk hence, more money
  10. just means i can now go to the park and say DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE PUPPY
  11. now on week eight had a couple of dodgy moments along the way but all in all not too bad just bought the wife a puppy with my fag money it is times like that ( handing over 400 quid ) that you realise how much smoking costs keeps her happy and gets me brownie points as well
  12. so I have 3 old windows and an old boat in my garden mmmmmmm wonder what I could do with them ???
  13. Many decades ago there was almost legislation brought in over here for all bikes to have leg protectors - I remember that must have been about the eighties ?? was it not about the time that you could use a sidewinder on bigger bikes with L plates ??
  14. cannot please everyone !!!!!!!!!!
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