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  1. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    ok, so: can a 19 year old with a CBT and pre january Mod 1 still ride a 125 with the same restrictions that he currently abides by? and will by current mod 1 certificate still count for a post january mod 2?
  2. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    your link doesnt make much sense... can i still ride with just a CBT? or do i need to get a mod 2 finished ASAP?
  3. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    thanks, but i didnt manage to get a test slot before the change in jan ("reserved" a space in case one frees up though!) how will the change affect me? will i have to retake any tests? and will i still be able to ride myself to work with only the certificates i have right now? (CBT, Theory, Mod 1) thanks
  4. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    its actually easy here from what ive heard, i think ive just been unlucky
  5. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    true, but failing exams is an expensive way of finding flaws in your riding, and its annoyying when it could have saved you £75 had they known how to indicate properly
  6. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    just failed the test because of some absolute retard at a roundabout approaching, he appeared on my right, indicating LEFT (so we would never have crossed paths) as i committed, they suddenly decided to go right, set off before i was clear, and the examiner judged that i should have anticipated coming across a retard then a boy racer had a good try at killing me within 3 minutes of leaving the test centre! im ready to kick the crap out of something now
  7. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    just seen my weather report and looks like its raining during my test at least it won't freeze, and it should melt the ice pretty quick
  8. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    the sest is at 9:17 , guess id better keep a god eye on the road and hope that sunday night/monday morning will be a little warm thanks fellas
  9. Grover

    Mod 2 and ice

    ive got my Mod 2 on monday, and with the weather we've been having recently, ive been thinking about ice, and how to deal with it properly (IE. to keep an examiner happy that im not gonna kill myself) is there a proper way to traverse a patch of ice, or do we just avoid it wile the plague and ask the examiner to use another road for the route? thanks fellas
  10. Grover

    So dam true!

    "losers always whine about their best... winners go home and fuck the prom queen" -Sean Connery (as "Mason"), The Rock
  11. i dont have a soldering kit, or a crimping tool
  12. ive installed a new topbox with intergrated brake lights, and the wire powering these is left bare in the kit, so i chopped the existing line, and chock-blocked the three bare wires together. a few days ago, i found that my brake lights weren't working at all, so i investigated and found that i'd gone over a bump too fast and one side of the chock block had lost its wires, not hard to fix, but i had no idea how long i had no brake lights for does anyone know a better way to secure the wires so that i don't have to worry about the speed humps on the way to work? thanks
  13. try heated grips first, harder to fit, but easier to get used to. you can always put muffs over the heated grips if thats not enough and heated grips are fine on a YBR, ive got teh oxford classic on mine, and the battery manages just fine
  14. Grover

    fuel differences

    the octane rating isnt the only difference between super-unleaded and regular, theres other additives (or removed impurities) as well
  15. yup, i guess thats a busted speedo and i get a similar problem with my own light behind my analogue speedo, meaning i cant see my speed when i do less than 30 at night lets see if anyone knows how to fix it
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