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    from 1986, honda C70, kawasaki AR80, honda mbx 50,honda CB100 n, yamaha RD250 dx, yamaha xj600n, suzuki gsx750w, yamaha BT1100 bulldog, yamaha fz6 fazer,yamaha xj6s.

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    my kids, playstation3, my bike,drawing, beer beer and more beer, music.

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  1. when i owned one of those, a 2005 model, i had to have the headstock bearings replaced around 18000 miles, then i had to have them regreased and tightened at 25000 miles when i eventually part exed it for my xj6 the bearings felt like they were loosening again, apart from being an excellent bike and fun to ride the head bearings were annoying, thats about it, oh and on a long journey, the seat gets uncomfortable, but overall, theyre a very reliable motorbike.
  2. they look good in red and i think although the exhaust is a bit on the quiet side, it definately looks the part.
  3. fazercol

    need to vent

    i know what you mean i used to get that when i drove a class 2 sewage lorry round kent and now i still get them in my van. do you go on the trucknet forums, theres lots of posts like yours there.
  4. they look good in red, as for modifying, theres loads you can do but expect to pay a small fortune for an aftermarket loud exhaust,
  5. fazercol

    The damn rain

    i agree, P##S OFF RAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  6. beautiful lookin bike, i like the gold colour upside down forks with the black.
  7. fazercol

    The damn rain

    its really annoying when you have to go out in the rain to go to work, especially when youve spent the best part of saturday washing and polishing the bike, and yes, i cant stand the tossers who have to drive right up your arse at roundabouts and bends in the wet and then when you accellerate on the straight bits and then slow down again for another bend and theyre right up behind you again, its as if they think your doing it on purpose. totally pissed right off with this constant rain were having now
  8. it looks like its faired well mate, do you ride it through the winter? if so are there any places of the bike i should pay special attention to as regards corrosion.
  9. fazercol


    at least the hosepipe ban has been lifted, i can wash the bike easier now.
  10. i bought a lovely black xj6 diversion in may, i rode it to work and back for a few days, clocked up a hundred or so miles and then went on a trip down to plymouth, bearing in mind i was running it in. i decided on A roads only where i could, so i set off from Dartford and made my way to Sevenoaks where i took the A25 to Guildford then over the Hogsback and all the way down to Winchester, i stopped a few times to give the engine a rest. To be honest as i was riding down the road towards Winchester, i was wondering when i was going to see some signs for the A303 so i stopped for fuel and asked the person in the garage, thankfully i was only about another ten miles away. i got onto the 303 and the bike felt lovely and smooth, what i love about this bike is theres no vibration either through the bars, footrests or seat, not like my old fz6. I stopped again at Sparkford services and got something to drink, while i was there i decided to adjust the handlebars as i was starting to get a bit of numbness in my hands, while i hads the seat off and was messing about with my tools i heard a shout from behind me, a bloke with a van and trailer asked if i was ok, "yes cheers mate" i said, (nice to know theres some people like that about). i eventually got down to plymouth at my sisters house and stayed there for a few days, it was lovely sunny weather and drank loads like you do.the ride back was fantastic too. The bike is now run in and ive now done 1500 miles so i can wind the throttle back a bit more and i like the torquey power this bike has, its so smooth all i want to do is ride it. i had my old fz6 for seven years until i swapped it for this one, i can see myself having the xj6 for the same amount of time possibly longer as im so pleased with it. So far ive put a topbox and rack on it, also a fender extender, i might get some crash bungs and a rear hugger, i though about maybe a louder exhaust but then found out how much one costs and changed my mind as it doesnt sound too bad as it is, maybe over time the baffle might naturally get a bit noisier over time with use.
  11. when i bought my xj6 diversion i bought a givi rack for it and fitted it, which is fairly easy to do, i already had a topbox which is a Kappa and that went straight on it, theyre universal.
  12. fazercol


    this weather is really getting on my nerves, ive never known a summer like it. i must have washed the xj at least ten times since i bought it in may and every time i get it nice and shiney, it rains!!!!!!!
  13. fazercol


    now all you want to do is ride it and all it does is keep raining. all i want to do is ride my xj6 but the rain ruins it.
  14. haha how did you do that? my local yamaha dealer gave me a free bottle of yamalube bike polish meant for either paint or plastic its good for the paint but not that good on the plastic espscially on black plastic as it leaves a white residue so i went over it all again with back to black, looks gorgeous now.
  15. hoto.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/colfazer/photo.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><p>
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