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  1. Okay, well I might just get a slightly whiter H4 bulb and see how it goes. As for the rim tape, I'm still trying to find a place besides eBay to get it as my card is being a piece of sh*t with Paypal.
  2. Cool, I'l look around. I'm looking at getting some thin red rim tape but I don't want it looking tacky. Would 3mm be okay? If I don't like it, I'l simply, rip it off!
  3. Awesome, I'l put one on order I'm debating wether to change the H4 headlight to a more white, perhaps change the sidelight to a slightly more brighter one. I'l keep updated!
  4. I honestly can't stop staring at the clocks, when you look at them in real life, it's like looking at an LCD screen. Clocks by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Next thing will be to get a bulb for that yellow backlit petrol gauge, oh and the toolkit polishing as said
  5. MB1993

    ybr 125

    I have a YBR125, my insurance was £38 a month for 1 year with Swinton. After a year, I got insured with Hastings and it's now £19 a month with 1 years no claims. Good luck!
  6. I discovered a secret compartment underneath a panel in the bike, I know it's probably something everyone knows about, but I found it quite intriguing Secret tool bag by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Secret tools by mb1993corsa, on Flickr
  7. Good news, my LED's turned up! They make quite a difference LED Dash by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Compared the original bulb. LED vs Bulb by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Quite happy with change of bulbs, makes the bike look even more new.
  8. Cheers! Little update. I purchased some AeroSol metal polish today and was a very happy chappy! Before Clutch Leaver Before Polish by mb1993corsa, on Flickr After Clutch Lever After Polish by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Just takes a bit of effort and a whole day off work to do the entire bike Front section Shiny Handlebars! by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Engine/Gear Changer Shiny Engine! by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Engine Shiny Engine by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Closeup by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Gave the Yam a nice wash afterwards to get rid of residue and looks spanking new, pictures don't do it justice! Shiny Bike! by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Photo in the sunshine! Clean! #ybr #yamaha by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Glossy by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Shiny by mb1993corsa, on Flickr YBR Polished by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Will keep updated when my dash LED's finally turn up
  9. Because generally people put washing on a washing line :')
  10. Yep, I will do a comparison when they actually turn up!
  11. Hey! I thought I would share what I have been doing on this sunny day we had today in Essex. First, my exhaust was a rusty wreck which needed something doing to it, I gave it a bit of a rub down, then a good soaking. I don't have a washing line, so found an old bit of wire 2014-03-09 12.11.31 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr 2014-03-09 12.31.37 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr 2014-03-09 12.32.50 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr After drying, I used some Rustoleum BBQ & Stove paint. I started out with some light coats about 30cm away, then left it 10 mins for drying before applying a slightly thicker coat. After I used the entire can of paint, the result was as expected, looking brand new! 2014-03-09 15.59.56 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr I had a slight rattle on the Yammy, but after taking off and painting the exhaust, the rattle disappeared. Result! After looking around the bike for any rusty spots I could repair, I noticed the horn was a rotting mess, it's probably nothing serious, but OCD told me to do it! 2014-03-09 15.00.37 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Ew, what a mess. Anyway, I taped up the rusty chrome and sanded the shell with some wet and dry till it was nice and smooth. 2014-03-09 15.04.25 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Luckily enough I found some black spray paint in the cupboard, thin coat, then slightly thicker again after leaving 10 minutes. 2014-03-09 15.14.52 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr The finished result! 2014-03-09 15.38.16 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr I am not really bothered about the rusty screw in the middle as I didn't really want to ruin the chrome for it, if it aint broke don't fix it My next step is to replace the 501 bulbs and change them for some LED's as one side has blown, I may aswell! 2014-03-09 13.18.53 by mb1993corsa, on Flickr Link for bulbs purchased - http://goo.gl/qNQ69A Will keep you updated!
  12. Ah okay I see what you mean, what about something like these? http://goo.gl/OIk3v9 I'm probably wrong, but seeing as they're near enough £2, there's hardly any risk testing them
  13. Thanks a lot, I will check it out after work tomorrow if it's not peeing down.
  14. Name: Yamaha YBR125 (2012) Date Added: 06 March 2014 - 04:54 PM Owner: MB1993 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  15. I will have to find out after work and make a visit to Halfrauds. I hope they do LED's! Do you know what type they would be?
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