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  1. Many thanks to the responses on the previous post. I had the battery tested and the cell reading was bad. so replaced with a quality new one but still refusing to spin up the starter. I was going to bridge the starter relay terminals with a quick dab with a screw driver but 2 nuts on the side panel are solid and wont shift. soaked with wd40 and keft for few hours but still wont budge. So might just as well take a chance and replace the starter motor. Will post an update in due course. Ride safe Phil
  2. Hi All Got a 1999 divvy s and great bike its been. has been in garage for last 4 weeks due to holidays and working away. Got it out yesterday and started fist time. let it run for a while whilst checking lights etc and topping up tyre pressue. turned off and went in to get me gear. came out turned key neutral on hit button and only getting the clicking on starter relay. checked fuses and any contacts I could find all ok. In gear with or without the side stand down and hit button and neutral goes out and oil light comes on and no clicking. havent knocked the kill switch. could it be the stand switch? if so can I bypass it as a quick fix until I can replace the unit & what would be the best way to do it. thanks & regards to all ride safe phil
  3. Thanks Guys Airhead -- yes quite right. You will probably also remember AJS, Matchless, Royal Enfield & BSA. Oh dear really showing the age now. The last big bike dad had was a Triumph 650cc twin and what a beast that was. Still remember that exhaust note today. happy biking Phil
  4. Hi everyone New memeber joined a few days ago just popped in to say hello. Just turned 62 been biking on/off since my legs were long enough to reach the pedals. Dad taught me to ride his BS Bantum (anyone remember them) when I was about 14. Kick start and gear shift on the right. Anyway now running a 1999 Divvy S and stil enjoying every minute of it. Phil
  5. Hi Everybody After 40+ years in the sadle finally got Divvy S. 1999 model low miles and generally good nick. Does have a few stone chips on the paintwork. Does anyone know where I can get some candy red paint? Cheers Phil
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