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  1. Early 90s pulled into well know ale house car park that was teaming with young lady's in the early evening sun. Being young giving the fzr600 a hand full seemed a good idea at the time. as the front end went up I gracefully sailed off the back the bike carried on into the landlords jag I still get stick for it now. ....
  2. mickyjay71

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    I've just returned from the IOM on the yzf which is now a coast to coast ride for me. After 70 miles on the road I was crippled an had to stop I've had this bike For a while now and I love it to bits has any one else had the same problem and have you managed to cure it ....:-:-(
  3. Hello Folks I'd just like to say hello I'm Mick from Scarborough North Yorkshire England, I've got a couple of bikes YZF750r and XT350.
  4. mickyjay71

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    Hello fellow Yamaha Biker's Just a quike intoduction as I have just bought a 1993 YZF750R . Had a few years off due to injury based in North Yorkshire, England. I'll stick some photos on later .............. :hyper:
  5. Name: Yamaha YZF750R (1993) Date Added: 12 May 2012 - 02:59 AM Owner: mickyjay71 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  6. Hello all Ive just bought a 1993 YZF750r I ve just covered about 200 mile on my new pride and joy and noticed that the chain needed a bit of slack taking out. I took the tool kit out snapped the Yamaha spanner clean (no suprise). so went and got a socket and strong arm and for the love of god just cant shift it. Anyone any ideas & how does it react to being heated up before i get the blow tourch out.... :shakeno:
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