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  1. Iv just been riding it at just touching 30 for now. I don't go out on it much so running it in will take forever
  2. I have just put a 90cc kit on my tzr. I got it from Poland and the instructions said to run it in do 500km (310miles) at no more than 30kmph (18mph) and then a further 500km (310mph) at no more than 40Kmph (24mph). Is this right. Surely them speeds are Illigal to start with. Plus that would take me about a year to cover 620 miles. If its right I have no choise I suppose
  3. Morpheus. If both screws do the same what's the point in having 2 then. Drewpy What's the mixture ratio please
  4. I think I will for now. I have a 90cc bore kit to fit soon. Just need the time to do it. I wanted it running right first instead of doing everything at once.
  5. I have ordered one anyway so I'll see what turnes up
  6. Ok well my cone air filter came at the same time as my technigas Exhaust. I fitted them both together and the bike run really well (besides the noise out the cone). I decided the noise was too much and fitted the old air box back. Now the bike splutters with anything less that full throttle. There are 2 screws on the carb. One Definatly adjusts the idling but im not sure of its a mixture one or not the is a second screw next to it but not sure what it is. As standered they Usualy have a #88 main jet but mine already had a #125 fitted. just to clarify. Standered exhaust with standered airbox the bike Run fine. Performance exhaust and cone filter the bike run far better. Porformance exhaust and standered box the bike runs really poor. I suppose it's obvious by that the bike needs more air or less fuel but can this be done by a mixture screw or a lower jet.
  7. Yamaha only list a rubber o ring by the looks of it.
  8. Ok I feel silly now. Obviously it's a bike that does quarter of a mile in 10 seconds. It's a tzr50 so that's a noooo
  9. Exhaust on and runnning fine. i havent even blanked it off just left it hanging as its not in the way of anything. Only problem i had was getting it to fit. Is it suppose to have a gasket as the old one never . The old pipe had a small inset that i needed to put in the new exhaust. Just ended up using exhaust paste for now
  10. Im just after some advice on Air Filters. All i can find is conflicting arguments when looking up replacement air filters. Some people say a new filter is a MUST DO Some people say dont bother its a waste of time and causes tons of mixture problems and only eats more fuel and makes a noise. Ta people
  11. Ok thanks. My new pipe should be here tomorrow so I'll blank it off.
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