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  1. Im still having trouble with these turn signals... 6v 17w system, I made sure all connections were cleaned and wired correctly, all 4 turn signals are connected and I reconnected the turn signal indicator light also. The turn signal lights come on but do not flash still.
  2. Hahahaha, Im sorry I'm very new to forums, I did the jumper like you said, running the jumper from the positive side of the battery to the brown wire on the relay and the turn signal worked, it worked better when I started the bike. What does this mean seeing that I had to use a jumper to get it to work?
  3. It worked...then it started to go slower and slower so I started the bike and both sides seamed to work good
  4. its weird... If i put the relay at the angle it sits on the frame it seems to work better
  5. it seemed to work then it would hesitate then stay on
  6. I connected the speedo, it still did not work, but when I started the bike the left side worked, slow but worked. the right side just stayed on
  7. Im going to hook the speedo. back up to see if it works. Where would the ground be located at? Thank you so very much for your reply's!!!
  8. Hmmmm, i really dont want the speedo back on is there , is there a way to bypass?
  9. the indicator lights are not hooked up... this make a difference?
  10. I put the meter on the battery , it reads 6.2v I have 4 brand new bulbs 6v 17w, new off ebay relay NOS, still they flash once then stay lit, on both sides. I turned the bike on and the vibration of the bike will kick start the relay so they will flash , but if i hold the relay in my hand the just stay on. I turned the signal on and hit my brake And I noticed the signals flashed once and the brake light seamed to flash once also.
  11. I put both on one side and tried it, it still does the same thing one click and they stay on, these are the original signals too... I did tap the relay with my finger gently and it clicked again, I paid $50 for this relay, is there a way to check if the relay is bad? its a three prong, I also have a Honda st90 if it has a signal relay could I hook it up just to see if its the new relay? Thanks for the reply's, I have done everything to this bike but this simple 6v system is killing me
  12. relay says 6.4v 17wx2+3w 2 of my bulbs say 6v/17w the other two that came with the bike say t1129 china5k i just assumed they were 6v
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