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  1. sham

    '79 DT175

    Came back empty handed. The owner of the 1980 DT wouldn't budge from a ridiculously high asking price. Will be following the eBay sale to see what he settles on. The blue bike had an electrical issue which meant it wouldn't start - supposedly the battery wasn't holding charge. So distractions are over - back to rebuilding the kz engine then.
  2. sham

    '79 DT175

    Oh yeh sidepanels, but no don't notice the difference in forks. They're suppose to be the same according to the parts list too. The handlebars are different but - the owner said that he replaced them. Going to see these now so I'll hopefully be able to show some more photos
  3. sham

    '79 DT175

    Hmmm apart from the swing arm, I haven't noticed any visual differences. I'm trying to compare the microfiche but they're lacking on details as to exactly what is being used. Would anyone have more solid information on this? I'm just wanting to confirm that parts will be available for any rebuilds necessary.
  4. sham

    '79 DT175

    Hey Airhead, Thanks. From what I've seen on here, you'd be one of those owners I've also received photos of a 1980 DT, in running condition and registered (which is good for me) issue with this one seems to be that the fuel tap leaks when the bike is stopped. From my basic understanding, is this likely to be rectified by a new petcock? I think I did read about a DT getting flooded somewhere (maybe here?) and the solution sounded more complex. Anyways, here's the photo. Looks like a couple dings on the tank and some surface rust - especially the expansion chamber, but seems ok. Hoping to get to both these bikes tomorrow.
  5. sham

    '79 DT175

    Hey guys, New here - coming over from ddt, where I've been working on a kz250. Totally new to motorcycles and really enjoying the 'tinkering' though I don't necessarily know what I'm doing. The kz is now looking like it needs an engine rebuild, and with my learner license due to expire in 3 months, I'm keen to get a running bike to learn and do the exam on. I have found a 1979 DT175 for sale. It supposedly runs with some electronic issues (indicators don't work etc) I hoping to get some thoughts of what you guys thinking of such a bike and anything I should be aware of during the inspection? Would anyone have a specs sheet on the bike so I can get a more indepth idea of the electricals used? Hoping this will be a bike to ride on until the kz can be up and running again. From what I've read it sounds like a fun little bike. Here are some pics of the DT. Thanks.
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