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  1. 28 views and nobody's said hi? I'd hardly call it friendly! I'll say welcome and hi - hope you're enjoying the bike, I was tempted by one of them but the wallet persuaded me with the six.
  2. Got a titanium Blue Flame on me mille... sounds yummy and looks good Blue Flame website
  3. Cheers for your input guys Can't wait to pick her up tomorrow, will treat myself to a nice little 250 mile round trip to test her out properly
  4. Cool, tyre mileage doesn't sound too bad then, so I'll probably try some Diablos on it first Tank range sounds good too, will certainly be a welcome change to easily get more than 100 miles to reserve! Expensive oil it is - especially if it's only changed ever 6000 miles! I'll bear the fuel sensor in mind too, I'm confused how it plays with the revs - but electrickery is odd... Thanks for that
  5. How long would you expect plain Diablos to last? I'm a bit dubious about sticking something so soft on as I use em on the mille and don't see 2.5k from the back (but oh how much fun those 2.5k are ) The Halfords oil is a force of habit from the agricultural bandit engine, but rest assured the mille already get's the good stuff
  6. Just put my deposit down on a 52 plate Thundercat... so I'm just after a few pointers for living with it... Bike will mostly be used for commuting / distance work so I'll be racking the miles up. I'm thinking of either Pirelli Diablo Stradas / Bridgestone BT020's / Metzeler Z6's - any preference between these of Cat owners out there? Bearing in mind riding will include cold / wet / winter. What "quality" of oil do you guys use? I'm torn between splashing the extra on Castrol, or just sticking with Halfords as I've always used in the B12. Is it a motor that loves the cheap stuff or does it need to be mollycoddled? What kind of fuel economy / tank range do they tend to give? Riding style is... "brisk" (my commute is 30 miles of fast kinky A roads. I know the proper answer will come to me in time - just after a heads up really. Any common niggles that people have had? I'm aware of the mild steel exhaust, and apparently the shock's short lived (aren't they all?). Also, what are the mileage intervals for services? Cheers for any help
  7. Hi guys, thought I'd introduce myself before I start posting questions ... Name's Pete, 25 in Leicester and just got myself a tidy Thundercat to replace my tired 1200 Bandit as workhorse/commuter/winter bike. It's my first Yam, with previous rides being MT50, NS125R, GS500, SV650S, 1200 Bandit and current "fair weather only" RSV1000. And I don't drive
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