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  1. Good easter morning. This is my first post other then my new to intro. I have been riding and racing bikes since the 60's in the eastern US so I'm not new to motorcycling. I have a tendancy to be drawn to bikes that few around me have any interest in. Case in point is my latest purchase of a 1987FZR750RT. Unlike the ones on ebay that some owner is trying to sell as a super rare, gift from the god's motorcycle, mine is a well running bike with battle scars from the track that had been turned back to a street bike. I am on the fence weather to put it back on the track (for track days only) or just clean it up for the street. I didn't get to the track much in the 80's as the military had me all over the place and I want to see what I was missing. Is anyone doing track time onone of these bikes and if so how is it holding up? If they are a problematic bike with limited parts avail. I will just keep it as a street bike.( Posted pics of it in my garage)...Thanks for any advice and have a GREAT EASTER
  2. Thanks for the hospitality. Yea but it had great perks as everyone that frequented the shop were like relitives to me and the rocker movement was big in the 60's so I never tired of seeing hot women in black leather. I'll put some old pics of my cafe Norton in my garage pics. Road it till I went into the service in the 70's
  3. Hi, my name is highsign and I have a motorcycle addiction. As a child I lived upstairs of my fathers Triumph/Norton dealership in Youngstown Ohio. This started my obsession with motorcycles and 55yrs later I still can't get this monkey off my back. The Yamahas I currently own are: 87FZR750RT, 85RZ350, 94YZF750R and 09RI. Thanks for listening.
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