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  1. Bloody hell Grouch.. you're better off stripping the whole bike down and rebuilding it from scratch!
  2. Now that's fighting talk....
  3. (Thanks dewang.. it's great to have an honest review. The finger tips are the parts that get the brunt of the cold for sure... nasty indeed).
  4. Looks pretty neat.. great bargain (even if it is a Suzuki )
  5. Freakin fingers crossed for you mate.. no more troubles!
  6. DkD


    Very nice find.... love a bit of dirty oil
  7. (Can also go to the Yamaha website and try download a copy of the manual which states what needs to be done and how).
  8. To many people are quick to mis-judge only because they don't know. "We" fear what we don't know or don't understand - it's nature. Generally, it's a war zone out there with us all fighting for space. But there are some decent people out there who understand bikers and when they do do something courteous we appreciate it more. Don't let them get to you mate, part and parcel of being in the bikers club..
  9. Welcome back... I took a 10 year break and there are indeed a hell of a lot more morons out there now - with more to come when the weather turns. Still an amasing feeling being on a bike though.
  10. Don't bother with the mod mate, waste of money and time... the drum is effective.. I've had a little lock up when emergency braking on mine. Renew the shoes, relax and ride...
  11. DkD

    great parts

    Can they arrange for a 'collection only' service..worth the ticket to the States alone
  12. DkD

    REALRIDER app...

    hmmm.... fair points really. I was more thinking before my commute checking the app for potential hazards but guess that's relying on bikers updating it as and when they can and assuming they are on the same route as me. (In theory I would highlight potential hazardous once I got to work but doubt it would last as the novelty would wear off pretty quickly). As for the accident thing, yep agree with Ttaskmaster on the workability of it but could have it's merits. Will mess about with it for a day or two and see.. as for the social side of it.. no interest - I have this site for that . One thing is 100% for sure, my phone stays in my bike jacket pocket and won't be coming out whilst I;m riding ... Don't need that distraction for sure.
  13. DkD

    REALRIDER app...

    Hi all, Has anyone used this app. I've just downloaded it but not had a proper play as yet. The emergency assist seems an interesting concept (it detects if you have had an accident - hmmm- and if you don't respond within 60 seconds to the screen prompts it sends medical info & location to the emergency services). Will read the terms & conditions when I can but just wanted to see if anyone has used this or the other functions. Otherwise seems pretty decent on the surface with the hazard function a potential good source of info too. App is still very new so guess it depends on the uptake on how accurate the info is. (p.s I'm not in anyway associated with the app etc just seems a good idea - think it's only available for iPhone users for now though) this should be the link if anyone is interested. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/realrider/id570371289?mt=8
  14. Welcome and enjoy the bike mate.. it's a lovely one at that too..
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