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  1. Old thread I realize, but in case... Sounds like you definitely have an air leak somewhere, Start it up, then take some carb cleaner (the spray kind) and gently spray it around every joint and connection on the carb. You should hear a change in idle at some point. Go slow and careful, a big cloud of spray wont really tell you where the leak is. Mike
  2. Opened the case and as expected the clutch is shot, but I think I found the shifting problem too. The 353-18120-00-00 SHIFT LEVER ASSEMBLY is broken, Am on a search for a good used one, the dealer wants 60.00 for one, seems a bit steep to me Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks you have been a great help. I have a grandson that is itching to get on this ever since he heard it start. He would be happy to ride it all day long in whatever gear its in. Think what I will do is put a clutch in it and then see if it will pull, if it will, I will turn him loose in the back field until he runs it out of gas, then check the shifting Will let you know what I find Mike
  4. Thanks The bike is in gear, which gear, I dont know, With the bike on the stand, if I rotate the rear wheel or the kick starter, the motor turns over If I pull in the clutch and do the same, the motor does not turn over, So, I figure the clutch is working I can take it off the stand, and with the clutch lever pulled in, I can kick start it and it will run so long as I keep the clutch engaged If I lut the clutch out, the bike will start to pull but it really cant even pull its own weight, that is why I assumed the clutch is worn out As for the shifter it will move up, and spring back, but it is not engaging any gear. Trying to move it down and it is pretty solid. So I guess the drum could be stuck as you say. The bike had almost no oil in it when I got it so who knows I was hoping that by running it it may free up whatever bits are stuck, I was going to try to start it and see if I rode it around a while in whatever gear it was in, if that would free it up But the lack of clutch kind of ruined that plan. Thanks Mike
  5. Hello guys, Have this little GT80 got off ebay , was sitting for a long while. cleaned it up , lubed, and the normal stuff, The shifter will move and spring back, but it will not engange any gear. I can engage and release the clutch, but the bike is stuck in some gear. I got it started and it will start and run fine, but it will not shift. Think the clutch is shot too because it will not pull with the clutch all the way out, the cable is adjusted as far as it can go, So I am going to have to open it up to take a look at this clutch, was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to look for as far as the shifting? Bent fork? Broken shaft? Any advice is appreciated Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks for the manual link, Sure I will be needing it. Mike
  7. Hello All, Bought an old school GT80 for the grand kids to cut their teeth on,. Have had numerous DT's and the like in my "youth". Will be re-learning as I rebuild this little machine, Been mainly a Harley guy for the past several years. Will be looking forward to talking to you about the trials and tribulations of this build Thanks Mike
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