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  1. cyco900

    Nick Sanders

    Nicks PROPPER JOB is keeping the rest of us entertained. Making films, Writing books, taking people like us to places we normaly wouldn't go to. This latest trip takes US (bikers ??) along with him. As usual with no back up crew in 4x4s & helicopters to do the filming & writing for him. OK so he does'nt work in an office or factory but he sure as hell puts more hours into his JOB than most of us do. So be brave and check out; www.parallelworld.hien-garicke.com or www.nicksanders.com Read Nicks comments and some of his previous stuff, then tell me he does'nt work for a living. I too know Nick and other than the sponsorship to do these trips (which ALL goes on the trip) his only income is from book & dvd sales at shows where he works hard for a few hundred quid. He probably earns a lot less than most of us. I'm always buying him coffee becuase he cant afford it.
  2. These so called Speed Limiters will be bloody lethal as far as I am concerned. When my TDM engine just 'cut out' probably becuase the faulty TPS told it to when I was half way through an overtaking manouver and caused my accident. Was this electrical device not acting as a 'speed limiter'? The device they want to fit would do much the same thing, either cutting fuel or power to the coils. Thus Stalling or significantly Slowing the engine so the rider then has NO or LIMITED control over his/her machine. I nearly lost my leg becuase the bike did not do as I had wanted or expected. This Government wants bikes off the roads and if they cant stop us riding them it looks like they are intent on killing us all off.
  3. If anyone is worried or has suffered the symptoms (also look at the Carpe TDM site -- Recall & Throttle Body Sensor threads) then go to your Yamaha Dealer in the first instance and ask them IF your bike is one of those on the recall and that you think the TPS is faulty. (Dealer should have all the affected VIN numbers on computer) The problem seems to start around the 4-5000ml mark and in some cases gets worse as the TPS becomes more worn. Another way is to visit the R1, R6, or Fazer forums (it would appear that only the FZ6/Fazer had the TPS problem) and check out the threads for Throttle Position Sensor, TPS or Recall. There seems to be a lot of confusion about which bikes are actualy on this recall around the world and this is what some of us are trying to clarify as Yamaha themselves were not very clear on the subject in the press reports last October. Plus of course if you are the second or third owner and not registered with Yamaha as the new owner you would not even get your recall notice letter.
  4. You could of course have had some 'stale' petrol left in your tank causing the bad running. Have you looked at, or are you loged onto www.R1-FORUM.com ?? There are lots of issues even relating to some 2006 models, it would seem that even though the TPS has been replaced the problems are still persisting with some. Maybe the dealers were issued with faulty TPS to replace with the original faulty items but whatever the case, this can be a VERY DANGEROUS item to fail. No matter what Yamaha are saying. The German magazine MOTORRAD have also run some very interesting items, re this recall.
  5. I have just heard that a R1 rider has suffered a simlar accident involving the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Yet Yamaha STILL say this is not a dangerous problem.
  6. cyco900

    I just joined too

    Diolch yn fawr MJR. up near the old capital of Cymru.... Machynlleth I'm also on the BikerWales Forum site.
  7. cyco900

    John O'Groats

    Are you all practicing to cope with 400+ miles/day ? If you do that before your event anything less will be a doddle. Fuel stops should become eat/drink stops as well, always get plenty of fluids in you (water or juice NOT tea/coffee) and only eat light snacks as a large meal (even breakfast) will make you tired. Try to all have bike - bike radio it helps in town traffic also to keep in touch with your van. Mobile signals OK for 99% of the route. I was (before my accident last year) used to riding 5 - 600ml days (with Nick Sanders team) and when your used to it it is easy but those numb bums and sore asses to build up to it well!!!!! The main road down from JoG is excellent (A9) but as you say can get a lot of traffic round Inverness and down toward Edinburgh. Again the roads leading to Lands End are a bit fidley. Again good luck, if I could I'd join you.
  8. A 'Fuel Glitch' is what the problem seemed to be on the 02 -05 bikes that have had the RECALL for the TPS (throttle position sensor) replaced under warranty. Check out any info you can re. this recall. It caused awful problems on some bikes.
  9. try google-ing JBX its a french TDM site, availiable in english. On there you should find all the codes (all yamahas use the same) then you will know what they mean. if i remember correctly it also tells you how to 'tune' the bike from the dash.
  10. cyco900

    I just joined too

    Not sure about TeeDee at moment I can't even walk and its been 8 months now. I have started a thread re the accident... Help - recall -TPS as I believe the bike was a bit suspect and then got the recall notice.. mmmm????? thanks for the welcome and IF possible I would like to keep adding to my list of steeds. 56 is just ones I've actualy owned I've ridden probably 150 or so in the last 35 odd years.
  11. The Boring Old Fartz mcc are once again holding the now very poular Whistle With the Wind Rally 15 - 17 June 2007 Good LARGE FLAT site with plenty of facilities, 2 bars, Bands and LOTS of Entertainment. Pre. Book £10pp..... On The Gate £15pp Disabled Welcome CARS BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY(£20 parking fee & NOT allowed on campsite) NO minimoto's SIGN POSTED off Junction 3/M42(A435 toward Redditch) Near Birmingam. contact; Ant..07977 581624 see; www.boringoldfartz.com http://www.pallettbof.freeserve.co.uk for more info.
  12. if you have a flat battery its best left on charge at least over night (off the bike) but a full day will not hurt if you have a decent charger. dont forget most will only charge at @3amp/hour or less unless you can boost charge it.
  13. cyco900

    John O'Groats

    Hi Deano, a good cheap hotel/bunkhouse in Oban is the Corran Hotel very close to town centre for food/pubs as well. If you do the West of Scotland coastal route on a sunday keep your fuel tank topped up as the petrol stations are few and far between. One 'must do' is the Pass of the cattle to Applecross, here you will find an excelent pub/hotel and I recomend the Haggis there. good luck on your trip.
  14. cyco900

    John O'Groats

    3 days ??? even on the A roads thats taking your time. good luck anyway especialy as its for charity.(my missus has the big C) JoG is a bloody dreary awfull place been there many times on my round britain trips, you wont want to stay there too long. Your not the guys doing 'The Long Way Up' charity Ride/Climb are you??
  15. Hi I am cyco900 live in mid Wales. have a crashed TDM900 at moment. Am a member BOF mcc as ya can see in my avtar. going for a look around your forums now.
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